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Cuomo’s Wife Was One Of Epstein’s … ‘Ladies’ In His Little Black Book


According to reports, one name listed in Jeffrey Epstein’s recently published 1997 address book is that of Fredo Cuomo’s wife, Cristina Greeven Cuomo. That black book was from the 1990s when she was still just Cristina Greeven, even though her last name was misspelled. She married Fredo in 2001.

Business Insider reported:

“Jeffrey Epstein’s newly discovered 1997 address book, published by Insider on Tuesday, connects dozens of new names to Epstein and traces previously known relationships back to the 1990s. One of the new names belongs to Cristina Greeven Cuomo, a New York editor, and entrepreneur. She married Chris Cuomo, a CNN anchor, and brother of Gov. Andrew Cuomo of New York, in 2001.”

“The book lists Greeven Cuomo under a minor misspelling of her birth name, Cristina Greeven. Her entry refers to Manhattan File, a New York society magazine she published after her father purchased it in 1994. The same entry includes an office address in the New York City neighborhood of SoHo, an office phone number, and a home phone number. In the ’90s, Greeven Cuomo was known for hanging out with socialites like Alex von Furstenberg and the former CNN producer Pamela Gross. The latter appears in both ‘little black books’ and is now a close friend of Melania Trump.”

BI admits that they do not know why her name appears in the book. She serves as the editor in chief of The Purist, a wellness website. They left a message at The Purist and the call was returned almost immediately by Fredo who said he had no comment and refused to put his wife on the phone.

From The Daily Wire

Greeven Cuomo is yet another name on the growing list of those with an alleged connection with the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

As reported by The Daily Wire, “Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda allegedly met” with Epstein in September 2013 “in New York City, prompting anger from Melinda, who reportedly told her husband she was furious and uncomfortable with his association with Epstein.”

“That meeting allegedly occurred on the same day the couple accepted the Lasker Bloomberg Public Service Award at the Pierre Hotel,” The Daily Wire added.

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jim July 15, 2021
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Did her name have a Star or two or three or four or five after it?
Gerald S Ladd July 15, 2021
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Most DemonRAT women are sluts. Just look at Jill, and Harris.
Shocked & Appalled July 15, 2021
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Now lots of guys running in that slimy circle can say "Hey, I boinked her!". Fredo must be so proud.