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Congressman: SoS Raffensperger Must Resign Over 2020 Election Scandals [VIDEO]


On Tuesday, Representative Jody Hice (R-GA) went on social media to call for the Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to resign from office over the plethora of voter irregularity problems found in the state after the 2020 presidential election.

“Over the last 48 hours there have been massive developments into the investigation of Georgia’s 2020 election,” Hice said.

Hice has announced he is running for Georgia Secretary of State and received former President Donald Trump’s endorsement before he announced he was running.

“Some ten thousand or more ballots were illegally cast by individuals who did not live in the county where they voted,” Hice continued. “There can be as many as 35,000 such ballots that were illegally cast.”

We reported last week that evidence now exists that shows enough illegal votes were cast in Georgia during the 2020 election that could have changed the outcome.

Hice made the accusation that the state’s largest and most troublesome county in every election has proof of voter fraud.

“In Fulton County, there is now undeniable proof of voter irregularity if not outright voter fraud.” He got into details saying, “There’s mismanagement of ballots and an outright assault on the integrity of our election. A team has found seven falsified tally sheets.”

Hice then held up a tally sheet, saying, “If you look at this it says 200 votes for Biden, zero for Trump.” The congressman then held up some ballots. “But I also have here some actual copies of ballots where Trump received a number of votes.”

Democrats will say “Well, 200 votes isn’t going to change the election,” and that’s true, but how many tally sheets are there?

Hice continued: “In fact, the reality of this batch … Biden received eighty-five votes … Trump received twelve … but the tally sheet says two-hundred to nothing.” The Georgia lawmaker then showed both the tally sheet and the ballots and said, “There’s tons of these.”

They brought this kind of evidence up in legislature hearings on election irregularities in Georgia and all the key battleground states, yet the mainstream media to this day continues to say that there is no widespread evidence of voter fraud. Over ten-thousand confirmed illegal votes and possibly up to thirty-five thousand illegal votes seems to me to be widespread evidence of voter fraud. And that’s just for people who moved from one county to another and didn’t notify the state within 30 days of the election which is illegal in Georgia. There were other types of election fraud that happened like people who moved out of the state of Georgia and still voted in Georgia. Also, the usual dead vote which for some reason Democrats always do well in that demographic.

Hice then said what he expects should happen.

“Look, there are three things that must happen if we’re going to restore voter confidence in Georgia’s elections.”

Number one, there must be a statewide forensic audit done of all mail-in ballots cast in the November election,” he said. “This appears to be where the problem lies.”

Hice went on to say he believes though the problem is serious, it’s probably through a smaller number of bad actors that caused all the chaos in the election.

“Now I believe most of our election commission offices in this state operate above board, and they do so with professionalism. But there are some bad actors who want to undermine the integrity of our elections and therefore, we must look at everything.”

Hice moved on to the second action he believes must take place to restore public confidence in Georgia’s elections.

“Number two. After there’s a forensic audit of the 2020 election we need a judge who has the legal authority to do so, to decide whether the election was valid or not. And given the evidence that I’ve seen, I don’t know how they can conclude that [the election was valid].”

I figure Democrats at that point in the video started pulling their hair out and wetting their knickers.

“Number three,” the Georgia congressman continued. “Brad Raffensperger needs to immediately resign as secretary of state. His office misconstrued the president’s phone call asking for investigation into the ballots cast by out of county residents.”

Remember when Raffensperger’s office released a recording of that phone call and tried to use it against Trump, leading to the usual suspects at CNN and MSNBC et. al. to make the charge that Trump tried to get Raffensperger’s office to manufacture enough votes to beat Biden? That wasn’t the case at all. Trump was asking Raffensperger’s office to do an investigation into the number of people who illegally voted in either their old county or their new county when they didn’t notify the state of their move within 30 days of the 2020 election. Under Georgia law that means they are not allowed to vote in either county. Whether it was a mistake by the voter or a Democrat operative voted for them in their old county using their identity, it doesn’t matter. They were still illegal votes. And I am certain that other battleground states that have similar laws would find very interesting results if they ran a similar investigation.

Raffensperger’s office was so out of touch that a lone Georgia data expert Mark Davis, President of Data Productions, Inc., got a copy of the voter data file and compared addresses to the Post Office’s National Change of Address (NCOA) and discovered 35,000 Georgians told the USPS that they moved from one county to another before the 2020 election and didn’t notify the state. Since the election, about 10,300 of the 35,000 have notified the state of their move. It’s only a matter of time before the number surpasses Biden’s lead of 11,779 votes to win the state over Trump.

Davis is not saying that Trump won or Biden lost, but this evidence is enough to say that this matter should have been serious enough to the secretary of state’s office to start and investigation but Raffensperger blew it off. An investigation more than likely would have led to the 2020 election being given a do-over by a judge.

“Raffensperger dismissed it as irrelevant, he smeared the president, yet later he opened an investigation into the president’s claim because they knew they had messed up.” That’s a powerful argument and since I’ve done a lot of research on the Georgia election and written several pieces on it, I can say I believe Hice’s words are fully justified. The evidence speaks for itself.

“Raffensperger called the election of 2020, ‘The most secure, most accurate, and most verified in history.’” That’s one of the reasons Raffensperger is done in Republican politics in Georgia. “Yet, with each passing day,” Hice added, “this proves to be more and more untrue. Raffensperger caused this whole problem by deciding unilaterally to mail out 6.9 million absentee ballot requests to all registered Georgians, putting so much pressure on the system that it cracked and gave way to fraud and people like those in Fulton County who took advantage of it.”


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Raffensberger should be made to resign ASAP. He is a corrupt, lying dirtbag. He has done nothing but cause chaos & trouble. He should be in jail.
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