September 27, 2022

Breaking News Out Of Arizona Audit Has Democrats Soiling Their Drawers, Fraud Hawks Thrilled!

I know that many of you are going to read this and think, “Oh no, another delay.” But this is not bad news my friends. In fact, it is very good news. This time they are not counting votes for the candidates. They are only counting the total number of votes. Why would they do that? Well, the simple answer is that when they counted the votes, there weren’t as many as the Maricopa Board of Elections claimed there were.

They are now counting the number of ballots to make sure their count was right. They have to be extremely cautious that their numbers are right to make sure they don’t give Democrats and RINOs any ammunition to claim the audit was bad. If this number adds up to the votes they counted, it becomes a slam dunk. But, it’s time to send the Maricopa Board of Elections to jail until they comply with the Senate’s subpoenas.

Per Zerohedge and the Epoch Times:

The ballots cast in Arizona’s largest county in the 2020 election will be counted for a third time on orders from the state’s Senate.

Nearly 2.1 million ballots submitted in Maricopa County for the presidential contest were tabulated, as normal, by election officials. They were recounted by hand by audit teams hired by the Arizona Senate in a process that was completed late last month.

Now the Senate will do its own recount that will provide a number to compare to those from the county and the auditors.

“Maricopa County says there are 2,089,563 ballots. We did the hand count, and they’re finalizing that number, but we just wanted a third number to tie everything together, make sure we have more—the more data points, the better,” former Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett, the Senate’s audit liaison, told The Epoch Times.

The new count will focus on the number of ballots and will not count the actual votes, unlike the first two tabulations.

The Senate will use two counting machines that it purchased to complete the count, Arizona Senate President Karen Fann, a Republican, told the Arizona Republic.

”We’re going to run all the ballots through to see how they match up,” she said.

 “If there ends up being a difference, we’d have another count.”

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The real Question is How many Voters are there in the County that are real and able to vote.
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Something is starting to smell here.  Nevermind it's in the title.
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