August 11, 2022

Breaking: 3 Mass Shootings in 6 Hours … Dozens Shot – Please Pray

Mayor Lori Lightfoot has hit another milestone in incompetence. She keeps blaming Trump, who has been gone for six months for what happens in Chicago under her watch. On Wednesday there were 3 mass shootings within a six-hour period, two of which were just minutes apart. There was also an attack on a party bus in one of the upscale neighborhoods near the downtown area. One was killed and 28 were wounded.

Two attacks on the Westside occurred within minutes of each other. The third was near downtown near Second City Studios and other notable tourist attractions. The three mass shootings bring the total of such shootings this year to 34. Chicago could break the record for people shot in one year.

The Sun-Times reported:

“A 14-year-old boy was killed and 28 other people were wounded by gunfire in Chicago Wednesday as the city was hit by three mass shootings in a single day. The boy was shot along with four other people in North Lawndale shortly after 6 p.m. Minutes later, a few blocks away, five people were shot outside Theodore Herzl Elementary School. Shortly before midnight, 8 people traveling on a party bus were shot in Lincoln Park.”

“In the first mass shooting Wednesday, two teenage boys and three men were at the corner of Douglas and Christiana when someone opened fire, police said. A 14-year-old boy was shot in the head and taken to Stroger Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Minutes later, three teens and two other people were shot just blocks away outside Theodore Herzl Elementary School near Douglas Boulevard and Ridgeway Avenue.”

“In the third shooting involving the party bus, which occurred just before midnight in Lincoln Park, someone in a Jeep Grand Cherokee pulled up alongside the vehicle and opened fire. The victims in the attack ranged in age from 23 to 52, and are currently in good to serious conditions at local hospitals.”

So far in 2021, about 400 people have been killed and another 2000 have been wounded. The police say they are concentrating on the illegal gun business but that does not seem to slow down the mass shootings or any shootings for that matter. Those numbers are frighteningly high. And yet many are still calling for the defunding of police. You must really be delusional to think social workers can really replace the police.

This is what decades of radical leftist rule has done to a once great city, Chicago.  THIS is what the left will turn the entirety of America into if we do not tae our country back from the Marxists.

MT MAG July 23, 2021
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Are the Social workers on this ?Are they going to track down the killers and tell them they have to stop shooting and killing ?What a wonderful chance for the people against guns to prove that a good talk to is all they need to turn this all around .Maybe sing goombi yeah,and fall asleep under the stars.Thats OK NO HARM DONE,just behave from now on.OH!please pick up your brass after you kill and cripple,Ammo is hard to come by,Do you reload?
ONLYJB1 July 23, 2021
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The first thing they need to do is admit they are dealing with ANIMALS in the hood. This is black on black crime, all due too the number of gangbangers found in these inner cities. 
Kimberly K. Padilla July 23, 2021
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AL July 23, 2021
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Liberal Democrats at all levels have sown to the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. For many years, they have proudly built sanctuary cities, let violent criminals off the hook, and given all illegals a pass. They openly refuse to enforce laws they don't like, and they have interfered with ICE and CBP to stop them from removing violent illegal criminals. Throughout 2020, they proudly marched and knelt in solidarity with BLM during “protests” that quickly turned violent and destructive. They say they are protecting officers by not responding to property crimes, stating "that is what insurance is for." They have refused to confront gang and thug culture for decades. They have enthusiastically defunded and undermined law enforcement. As the looting, shooting, riots, and arson destroy their cities, they act like it is all some kind of terrible, horrible, random hail storm. “Gee, why is this happening?” Of course, they are never at fault.
TJ July 23, 2021
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How is it that with all these shootings not one bullet has found it's way to kill this ugly lesbian bigoted bitch. What a travesty of justice
Babsan July 23, 2021
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When will people actually realize that Democrats don't give one iota about Blacks and crime in their neighbourhoods
James July 23, 2021
| |
Thank you for not posting her picture !   FOX does so without giving a " graphic image warning ' first.   I want to make sure no kids are in the room when her picture is on display.  Same as I would for something like Michael Jackson's THRILLER video, or the SCI FI channel.
Ridfor July 22, 2021
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Lightfoot's name probably should be changed to Lightout.  She continues to use adolesent excuses that for some reason she has conned herself into believing that the good folks of Chicago whole-heartedly take as the only truth that is to be told. I don't live there, I will never go there ( Daily caused this), but I can't help but believe that good people with good values exist there and somehow this cretin got elected into office.
glenn398 July 22, 2021
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The ghetto of Chicago has proven that welfare isn't enough so they must find a side income. 
Nicolas P Cignetti July 22, 2021
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How is that old war on drugs working for you Chicago???
ARJAY July 22, 2021
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So how's all that "GUN CONTROL" WORKING FOR YOU SCHITCAGO?!?! How many fo those were done by blacks against other blacks (and whites too)?!