BLM Founder’s Money Funnels Exposed …. The Mansions Were Just The Start!


What do you do when you have no marketable skills to speak of and you want to own four homes? You form a group and name it Black Lives matter.

That’s what Patrisse Cullors did. it also has residual effects if you are her baby’s daddy.

She has route money to a company owned by the father of her only child.

The company, Trap Heals, was formed just days before partnering with Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation.

Cullors paid her baby’s daddy $238,000 dollars to produce an election night Livestream and for consulting services, campaign finance records show.

When their work has been discussed neither Cullors nor Turner discussed the fact that they had a child together. Turner did once say that Cullors was instrumental in forming a partnership between BLM and Trap Heals.

The executive director of the watchdog group CharityWatch, Laurie Styron, told the DCNF that a non-profit leader should never do business with someone they have a personal relationship with.

Having a baby together probably qualifies as a personal relationship or at least a one-night stand.

“To maintain public trust, it is vital that leaders not only avoid any impropriety in practice but also avoid the appearance of it. In other words, even if the consultant or vendor hired is the best one for the job, if that vendor has a personal relationship with the leader who hired them, additional steps should be taken to prove to the public that this arrangement is in the best interest of the charity and was made at arm’s length.”

From The Daily Caller

This new evidence of Cullors’ potential self-dealing follows criticism from other black activists and reports that she had purchased four homes across the country since 2016 for a total of $3.2 million. Additionally, Cullors received upwards of $20,000 a month from one of her activist groups, which also spent $26,000 at a luxury resort, the DCNF previously reported.

Black Lives Matter Greater New York Leader Hawk Newsome, a prominent New York-based black activist who is not associated with BLM Global Network, called for an “independent investigation” of BLM Global Network’s finances during an interview with the New York Post in April, though the group denied that its resources were put toward real estate purchases for any employee or volunteer.

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Original Anna July 19, 2021
| |
Anything communist is always corrupt. Govt, people, there don't seem to be ethics and morals in communism. One of the major things people living under communism always complain about the most is the corruption in govt, business, getting into schools, jobs that are easy and stable if you are a communist, the corruption in the system and the communist people who don't want to know the person's problem, no customer service, etc. Commies are good at convincing those they want power over that a communist govt is the best and when the people live under it for a few years, you realize they are living under a corrupt ideology that is really a relgion of power over you and money in the communist's pockets not yours. If it wasn't for the grandmothers in Russia, there would be no Christianity in Russia which Stalin tried to wipe out but the grandmothers held on to their faith and taught the next generation ethics and that there were much better govt systems to live under. Stalin called religion the opium of the masses and forgot or didn't think of the grandmothers still among the masses.  Communism has from day one hated and tried to destroy Christianity and when that hasn't suceeded they tried to infiltrate and teach a communist religion in their churches like China is doing now.  I am not surprised to hear about the ethics of this BLM a Marxist organization. People in this country need to read up on communism and find out how bad it is and the ways in which it is bad. We are not learning about our enemy because if we would, something like BLM would have been closed as a terrorist  communist organization and not the saviour of the black people. 
Maddison Browne July 19, 2021
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confusednomore July 19, 2021
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my first question is this.  Is BLM registered as a non-profit?  If so, WHERE is the IRS audit  ala the Obama era Tea Party IRS audits?  WHERE IS THE "FAIRNESS?"
RheaMDean July 19, 2021
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Robert S. Pelno July 19, 2021
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I bet her mother must be proud of her. But nothing should surprise us after China Joe and His son  Hunter's scheming and scamming the American Peopel 
ROND July 19, 2021
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Brook July 19, 2021
| |
"Money Talks & Bullshit Walks"...And this self centered narcissist is definitely full of it...Black Lives Matter...LOL...my ass...you're a joke Shaniqua or Patrisse or whatever your name is. The Love of Money is the root of all evil...
Steve July 18, 2021
| |
And this surprises who?
Clara L. Shaw July 18, 2021
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confusednomore May 8, 2021
| |
Guess Black Lives don't mater to this evil woman.  WHERE are the IRS and DOJ investigations"
Babsan May 8, 2021
| |
So the Black criminals have learned a thing or two from the Democrat Muslim Terrorist who azlso channels millions to her husbamds form.Amazing how Democrats opereate,Ol'Maxine was the one who gave these younger Criminals the idea how to "SKIM"
Ollie May 8, 2021
| |
Black Supremacist 
gary johnson May 7, 2021
| |
they are all fn crooks that need to be locked up