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Black Rep. Byron Donalds Wrecked Dem Argument That Voter ID Laws Are Racist


On Sunday, rising political rock start Representative Byron Donalds (R-FL) ripped apart Democrat gaslighting that mandating getting an ID to vote is racist by sharing his own personal experience of him getting an ID when he was only thirteen years old.

While giving a speech to Turning Point USA’s Student Action Summit, the congressman from Florida destroyed the Democrat argument that required ID to vote is the same as Jim Crow laws.

First of all, Democrats created and implemented Jim Crow laws. Republicans would never think of doing such a thing. Voter ID is supported by over 80% of the voting populace of America right now and that includes black and Hispanic voters.

“I believe in securing elections. Do I look like I support Jim Crow?” Donalds, who is a black man, asked the audience. “Does it look like somebody of my stature and melanin content, whatever, supports Jim Crow?” Hells no.

Donalds then pulled out and showed the audience his Florida driver’s license. He told the audience that he got it right after college as he was trying to make ends meet as a new husband and father.

“I was making a bit under $30,000 a year. I was newly married. I had a kid on the way. We were working hard. I was moving furniture on the weekend to try to figure out a way to just keep everything together,” he said.

He sounds like a man who actually worked for a living unlike a lot of members of Congress who spent their entire adult life working for the government.

Donalds then announced that he received his first ID card when he was 13-years-old.

“My mother got me one of these when I was 13. We grew up in the inner city and we were poor. We were broke, but she said to me, ‘Byron, you a young black kid in the city of New York. You better make sure you have an ID, so you can identify yourself at all times. Now, my mama, who was poor in the inner city of Brooklyn, New York, could get me one of these at 13 years old, at 13,” he said.

Wow, who would have thought Donald’s own mother supported Jim Crow back then? #EyeRoll

“You mean to tell me that if I got to show this to vote, it’s Jim Crow,” the congressman asked.

Donalds went on to say that Democrat ideas are garbage.

“They’re awful. They’re terrible. And so to get you upset with conservatives, they bring up stuff like IDs. They bring up stuff like Jim Crow.”

Donalds then mentioned that the Democrats want Facebook and other social media platforms to censor any speech that goes against their awful, terrible ideas.

“If you just happen to have enough sense, and you’re not going to listen to the White House and you’re not going to listen to the radical left, they just go and talk to Twitter and say, ‘Hey, Twitter, Jack. We got to take them comments down, man. That’s misinformation.’”

“You see the Left has lied to America. They told us that they were going to ‘build back better.’ But the truth is the only thing they want to build is the second coming of a totalitarian regime in the United States of America,” he said, “But conservatives all across America, we know better and we’re not going to let that happen.”

“And we start that job at the midterm elections. You see for my friends on the left, because they’re caught up in the intersectionality of idiocy. They don’t see certain things happening, but I know something they don’t know. What I know is that in about 18 months, we’re going to fire Nancy Pelosi,” he said.

Democrats just slipped an amnesty provision into the $3.4 trillion budget bill that they are planning to pass through the reconciliation process which means the filibuster in the Senate will not be an option. You need to call your representatives and tell them you are against the Democrats stealing your vote by giving amnesty to 6 million illegal aliens who will all vote Democrat.

If it were known and recognized that illegal aliens coming in from south of our border always voted Republican, the Democrats would be catapulting them across the Rio Grande 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Old Sarge July 20, 2021
| |
Cash a check. Open a bank account. Buy a home. Get a job. Operate a motor vehicle. Apply for Food Stamps and Welfare benefits. Purchase alcohol. Purchase firearms, ammunition and cigarettes. Get a room for the night. Travel by commercial air. Even in the rural and out-of-the-way area where I live, everyone needs a valid picture identification or drivers license to be able to do any of these things. By May 2023, you will need a valid REAL ID-Compliant card or Drivers License if you want to travel by commercial means. You will eventually need it for everything else. In view of all this, tell me again why a ID requirement to vote is racist or voter suppression.
Susan C. Sapp July 20, 2021
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angela jackson July 20, 2021
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Blacks have killed theirself, million dollar ball players(hate America). All the things blacks brought to America lost. Ray Charles, the Supremes, etc. It goes on and on. Now as a black if we elect you, you will kill more Asians, Mexicans, whose next? I know this will not get posted(cancel culture).             
Babsan July 20, 2021
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Sadly,the so called Democrats are deaf so they don't hear certains things
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