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Biden Admin Caught In Massive Cover Up As Good People Rot In Jail Because Of It …


Law enforcement agencies in the Biden administration continue to suppress over 14,000 hours of video footage from the US Capitol on January 6 from the American people. The little amount of cherry-picked video that has been released was used by the Democrats and the mainstream news media to manufacture a narrative that Trump supporters attacked American democracy.

And they are using that narrative as a power grab all the way to the 2022 midterm elections. Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have said it was the darkest day of our history. I think every day we allow Democrats to continue with this bullschtein is the darkest day in American history.

There are reasons why the Democrats are refusing to release the video footage and now via court findings and some independent sources we are learning that law enforcement may have intentionally provoked and attacked protesters as if they were told to in order to gin up mayhem and possibly start a riot.

On June 28, Julie Kelly of American Greatness reported, “One of the most under-reported aspects of January 6 is how law enforcement attacked Americans doing nothing wrong. Covering up the fact that police officers, including federal USCP officers, incited violence on January 6 is very likely a key reason why the government refuses to release security footage.”

The Left is just evil, folks. There is no better way to describe them.

Among other things, Kelly pointed to Thomas Webster, a decorated Marine and a former New York City police officer who does not have a criminal record. He was arrested in February and charged with 7 counts including allegedly attacking a police officer with a flag pole. The pole was attached to his US Marine Corps flag. The decorated Marine has been sitting in a jail cell ever since. This is the guy that CNN and MSNBC hacks keep talking about when they say a Trump supporter attacked a police officer with an American flag.

The Democrats released cherry-picked video of bodycam footage to CNN. The footage shows Webster screaming at both Metro and Capitol Police who were barricaded behind a row of bicycle racks, shouting, “You f—ing piece of s–t. You f—ing commie motherf—ers, man. You wanna attack Americans? No, f— that.”

Granted, if that’s all you saw and all you knew about the incident, you would think Webster was a hard-core radical lunatic, but there’s another side of his story that neither the Democrats nor CNN wanted you to see.

Kelly’s piece points out that according to court filings, video footage just prior to what CNN lackeys aired shows police officers attacking and provoking protesters outside the Capital who were doing absolutely nothing wrong.

In a court filing that was made on June 17, Webster’s attorney described for the court part of the body cam footage that CNN did not air.

“For the ten minutes prior to encountering the defendant, Officer N.R. can be seen reaching over the metal barrier and pushing a female protester holding a flag to the ground on two separate occasions. The protesters . . . were by and large peaceful. It was only after tear gas and pepper spray were deployed by police upon this group of peaceful protesters that the crowds changed.

“Officer N.R. [the cop Webster allegedly assaulted] was equipped with a helmet, a shield, a gas mask, and a full complement of body armor. [P]rotesters — who did not attend the protest with a mask or face shield — are observed suffering the effects of being gassed and pepper-sprayed by police. Officer N.R. can also be observed mocking several protesters who were complaining about this Officer’s excessive use of force.

“Angered by the use of police force . . . Webster is heard angrily referring to the police officers as ‘commie motherf—ers.’ The video depicts this officer reaching beyond the metal barriers and pushing Webster on the chest. It is at this point that Officer N.R. again reaches over the metal barricade and punches Webster on the left side of his face.”

Biden’s Justice Department disputes Webster’s accounting of what happened. The problem for the DOJ is Webster gave the same accounting of what happened during a February hearing in court. During an FBI interview, Webster also told the FBI that the officer, “was encouraging me to jump over the barrier . . . like waving me on with his hand.” Webster told agents the officer hit him with “a big sucker punch.”

Also reported was a video that shows Capitol Police throwing flashbangs into a crowd of protesters. I thought peaceful protesters were the salt of the earth? I guess not when they’re Trump supporters.

“The device, also known as a stun grenade, emits flashes of light and a sound louder than a jet engine. It can cause temporary blindness and disorientation; some flashbangs contain rubber pellets, which some protesters claim were the ones used by police on January 6,” Kelly wrote.

Unbelievable footage shows Kash Kelly, currently detained after being charged for the January 6 trespassing in the Capitol, says in video footage, “They’ve been throwing flashbangs, shooting us with bullets. These are Americans protesting the right way . . . and we’re getting treated like we’re not even citizens.”

Last month, Micajah Jackson who was arrested and charged with 4 misdemeanors for being at the protest on January 6 protest, said he too witnessed violent attacks by police against protesters, the report said.

“When I was walking to the Capitol, I saw cops dressed in riot gear and it didn’t make any sense to me,” said Micajah Jackson who was charged last month with four misdemeanors for being at the January 6 protest.

Some of the few videos that were shared by people on social media confirm Jackson’s account that police were waving protesters up the steps near the inauguration stage. We also saw a video of police removing barricades and waving people through.


“Next thing I know, a riot squad comes out of nowhere and starts attacking people, hitting them with batons and their closed fists. People are getting tackled. That’s when people got turned up and started to get agitated.”

So we have peaceful protesters doing nothing illegal being provoked by police almost to the point where they were egging them on to get violent. That’s called entrapment. We have witnesses saying police tossed explosive devices into crowds of peaceful protesters. Folks, this was all before the riot started.

Kelly asked in her story, “Why did police use ‘super soaker’ sprayers to attack the crowd with pepper spray and tear gas? Why did they arrive on the scene in full riot gear, including gas masks and weapons? Did any police officers assault nonviolent protesters with batons or riot shields or fists?”

Were the Capitol Police negligent in protecting the Capitol or were they conspirators on a mission to get the crowd of Trump supporters to get angry and riot?

Why did Pelosi’s Sergeant at Arms refuse Trump’s offer to have National Guard troops around the Capitol multiple times offered leading up to January 6?

Why did the same Sergeant at Arms turn National Guard troops away when President Trump ordered them there after the riot broke out?

Where are Republican members of Congress? They should be demanding that the 14,000 hours of video be released, at least to them so they can evaluate what happened to their constituents. But they’re not, because House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and President Biden have threatened them if they dare to take sides with the January 6 “insurrectionists.” Pelosi created a select committee and got Liz Cheney (Barely R-WY) to join.

If Republicans don’t begin to push back on the narrative that everything that happened on January 6 at the Capitol wasn’t provoked we may never get to the truth, and the window of opportunity to start fighting back to get the truth is closing quickly.

While Pelosi and the rest of the usual suspects on the Left tell us they need a 911-style commission and select committees to get to the truth of what happened that day at the US Capitol there is no way, no how they are going to do that. They are the ones suppressing the 14,000 hours of video that would clear many of the over 400 people being held in jail cells, many of them in solitary confinement. Pelosi and Schumer control their respective Sergeant at Arms who have oversight of the Capitol Police. We need to find out if police were ordered to provoke the crowd and why.

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Sandra Lee Smith July 10, 2021
| |
What kind of cowards are those allegedly representing us???  Threats from the left are all the MORE reason they SHOULD be standing for TRUTH!
confusednomore July 10, 2021
| |
what did you expect?  That the Biden administration would release video that would show them wrong?   Where are the courts and the FOIA requests?
Mary A. Baker July 10, 2021
| |
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Betty Blakley July 10, 2021
| |
What good does it do to tell about all Biden's dastardly deeds when nothing ever becomes of arrest, charges, indictments, arraignments, prison or trial for his corruptness?  His whole family are corrupt criminals, chemically dependent and political gangsters!  Disgusting!
Original Anna July 10, 2021
| |
Why don't these damn republicans wear some tape to record when these democrats threaten the republicans. Why can't these republicans bring these rats so much out in the open, they won't dare to touch the republican for exposing them. In all my years noone has ever threatened me without a warning to be careful who they threat and if necessary take care of the threatener in some way. Opportunties will always open up but you gotta jump in, take the chance, push the fight, Nasty people will sooner or later get theirs, try to make sure it's you who gets them and yell it to the whole world. That what democrats do, republicans need to do it. These young republicans who just in the last couple elections seem to be hating these democrats enough to turn on them when the democrats even just look at them, and, I gotta say it, these young republicans are women.  Come on, men, where did your manhood go.