Alert: Biden Admin Goes After Pro-Trump Social Media Influencers


The appalling treatment of the so-called “suspects” who were inside or even near the Capitol building on January 6 has been discussed by many. A lot of them never set foot inside the Capitol and yet they have been treated like enemies of the state. The Biden administration treats MS-13 gang members better than Trump supporters who wanted to let their voices be heard when they believed that the 2020 presidential election was stolen by a series of county-level cheating schemes that were pre-planned and carried out by Democrat operatives in the key battleground states that the entire world watched unfold right before their eyes in real-time.

The administration has shown no regard for Constitutional rights for a lot of these people sitting in jail cells for almost half a year. The majority of them at best could be cited for trespassing, even though many of them entered the building when Capitol Police opened the doors for them and waved them in. We saw that in videos that were not being hidden by the government. It’s been difficult for them to prove it in court because the Biden administration continues to refuse to release any of the 14,000 hours of video taken around the Capitol that day.

Some of these people have been sitting in “solitary confinement” for close to six months. Seriously?

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is run by the woke radical lunatic Attorney General Merrick Garland who wants to make an example of these people for daring to go against the Democrats. It’s your American right to do so, but apparently not under the Biden regime.

The DOJ did nothing remotely like this against the radical leftist mobs that broke into the Capitol building back in 2018 during the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings, only to take over Senator Chuck Grassley’s office and caused destruction of property. Grassley was the Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee that was running the confirmation hearing for now Justice Kavanaugh and he was also the President Pro Tempore of the US Senate. And yet nothing happened to any of the Democrats who attacked his office.

There are two systems of justice; one for Democrats and one for Republicans.

The fact that Democrats in the DOJ believe that daring to argue against the Biden administration is enough to turn your life upside down should be raising eyebrows everywhere. The people who are supporting this like that of the mainstream media that either looks the other way or makes justifications for the behaviors of this administration have no idea that the same people will come after them one day when there are no more conservatives to attack.

Now, the Biden administration is planning on broadening its “investigations” to include “conservative social media influencers” who may have “contributed to” the “radicalization” of January 6 protesters. Jack Posobiec Senior Editor for Human Events sounded the alarm.

“The Biden Admin is now planning to release a list of conservative social media influencers that were followed by J6 defendants that questioned the integrity of the 2020 election. The list also includes Members of Congress, per WH official.”

The database they are reportedly building partly consists of Pepe, Soy Boy & Carpe Donktum Memes.

WH Comment: “They’re using any bit of material they can online or otherwise to use as ‘proof of radicalization.’ Printed pages of Telegram & Discord conversations numbering in the thousands, YouTube comments…whatever, look for this in early Sept.”

“Wray is pushing it. Garland wants to focus on guns and hate crime, but Ron K, Jill, Chuck, and Nancy want him to take care of ‘Trump Terrorists’ behind J6. Biden going along with it for now.”

Folks, this is truly frightening. They are now going after social media influencers, people who were not there at the Capitol on January 6.

How much longer are the American people going to allow our country to become more and more like East Germany? Where are the lawyers? Where are the Republicans to fight back?

The gaslighting going on by Democrats about January 6 is astonishing, not that they’re lying like psychopaths, that’s bad enough, but how everyone is going along with it. Where are the civil libertarians? Where is the ACLU? Where are the law professors to point out how everything the Democrats are an abomination on Constitutional rights? How could all of these professionals be in on it?

Remember the poem that said if you don’t do something while they’re going after everyone else, there will be no one left to help when they come for you.

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William G Munson July 15, 2021
| |
Pay back is coming for you Coomusnits and We will be Suing you too not the Government but you will pay out of your Pockets and also Jail for Treason too
Jack Van July 15, 2021
| |
Biden is going along with it? Wherre  did you get the silly idea that he is cognizant of anything around him?