May 29, 2022

Victoria’s Secret Fires ‘Angels’, Replaces Models w/ Transgenders, Plus Size Women & Purple Haired SJW

If I didn’t know any better I would think that aliens had taken over America’s mega corporations and government in an effort to wipe out the human race.

I’m sorry but putting ‘plus sized women’ and biological men in lingerie is not going to get more people to buy ‘sexy’ underwear.

Our society is collapsing in to a blackhole of failure and shame.  I understand not everyone looks like the Victoria Secret Angles, but everyone does WANT to look like them … and that’s the whole point.

This country used to strive to be the best at everything, now we are more interested in tearing down the successful so they are at the same level as those who … well, let’s be honest, those who just suck.

Christina Laila of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘This should help the ailing lingerie retailer.

Victoria’s Secret was once known for their beautiful models strutting down the catwalk in angel wings and lingerie.

It’s 2021 so the company is going in a new direction by getting rid of the ‘angels’ and bringing in America-hating, purple-haired SJW Megan Rapinoe, transgender models and plus size (obese) women.

“When the world was changing, we were too slow to respond,” Martin Waters, the chief executive of Victoria’s Secret told The New York Times. “We needed to stop being about what men want and to be about what women want.”

“For decades, Victoria’s Secret’s scantily-clad supermodels epitomized the height of femininity for millions. Now, the lingerie giant is not just trying to redefine itself — but also the very idea of what “sexy” is” the New York Times said.

“I’ve known that we needed to change this brand for a long time, we just haven’t had the control of the company to be able to do it,” Waters told The New York Times. “In the old days, the Victoria brand had a single lens, which was called ‘sexy.’”

Page Six reported the women will be hired as ‘spokeswomen’ for Victoria’s Secret and will be featured in marketing materials.

Chopra and Rapinoe will join Sudanese-Australian model Adut Akech, freestyle skier Eileen Gu, Brazilian transgender model Valentina Sampaio, plus-size model Paloma Elesser, and journalist Amanda de Cadenet, who will host a 10-episode podcast where each of the women will share their stories.

“It’s a group of women inspiring change and positivity. It’s another step they’re taking towards transforming the brand. The entire industry thought Victoria Secret was done,” an insider said.

Whether this new move will translate to the VS stores — which traditionally stock smaller sizes and do not cater to curvier women — is yet to be seen.

“As a gay woman, I think a lot about what we think is sexy, and we are afforded the ability to do that, because I don’t have to wear the traditional sexy thing to be sexy and I don’t think the traditional thing is sexy when it comes to my partner or people I’ve dated,” Rapinoe told Page Six. “I think functionality is probably the sexiest thing we could possibly achieve in life. Sometimes just cool is sexy too.”’

JimB June 18, 2021
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I can not believe a company that has established itself as a company that sells sexy lingerie to many American women who can wear them and to the many men who have purchased their various lines for the sexy women in our lives. Everyone knows they can not wear this stuff forever but there are new customers replacing those who find themselves no longer able to look like the models in the pics. I can not believe an American Icon has stooped to a new low, changing its line to accommodate chicks with dicks and those who know themselves they no longer can wear this kind of lingerie. I can't even imagine what the new catalog will be like with the new changes.  Even as I make my comment my wife is in the background laughing her butt off at the thought herself.
Dick Palmer June 18, 2021
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So they are going to throw 99.99% of there  followers under the bus to become a LGBTQ promoter.Some body else will start a new store with REAL beautiful woman thats all.No body wants to see that BS !
Sandra Lee Smith June 18, 2021
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Good GRIEF!  Some things just NEVER need to be seen, & that sounds like a complete collection thereof!
Babsan June 18, 2021
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That's it for me and Victorias Secret.Won't set foot in the stores.I don't need any queer undies
Country Boy June 18, 2021
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“In the old days, the Victoria brand had a single lens, which was called ‘sexy.’” I presume it's just the single lense of "queer" now......looks like they're soon to lose their previous female clientel consumers.
cheetah June 17, 2021
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Who the hell is going to buy shit modeled by queer, ugly, tubs of lard?
Original Anna June 17, 2021
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What the! LGBT people are only 4.5% of the population and you have LGBT and a bunch of foreigners representing us American women.  Get out of our faces with this baloney. When coming home from work, I want to watch normal good looking actors and actresses and relax with them on the show, that does not include foreigners with green hair or LGBT "inclusive" crap. I went into Victoria's at the mall because my teenage nieces wanted gift cards that come with a pretty card and bag to present the card in and I found panties and bras. Spencers has what Victoria use to have or close to it.  I noticed a section for teenagers, pants in pink, tops in pink and a few panties and bras. The teenagers need to have pretty clothes but durable clothes they can wear. Maybe you could make their section bigger. The younger woman buying were into filly night wear (use to be called peignoir) and different style boots. Instead of going LGBT why don't you watch the soaps and see what the women and teenagers are wearing and make the line affordable. As for foreigners, I and my friends are tired of trying to figure out what they are saying. How about getting people speaking our American English who are clear and not mumbllng or is that too much to ask. Girls doing green hair or whatever are not in Victorias, trip into your stores some day and find out who is in them and it isn't LGBT people. 
BellaBella June 17, 2021
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Dennis Karoleski June 17, 2021
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For those of you who can still comprehend actual facts here’s a few. For the record it is medically and scientifically impossible to change one’s gender. It simply cannot be done no matter what is cut off, sewn on or injected. All that can physically be accomplished for a person suffering from the mental dysfunction of gender dysphoria is to cosmetically alter the outward appearance. The male XY DNA will test as the biological male he was born as for no amount of wishful thinking, bullying legislation, sophomoric name-calling or Harry Potter magic wand waving can change it into female XX DNA. One would expect an educated population to realize that indisputable fact but instead so many have been terrified into cowaedly silence by “political correctness” and the homosexual mafia screeching “homophobia”; (litterly meaning the “fear” of homosexuality). Long story short in 1973 when the American Psychological Association changed their opinion and voted to remove homosexuality from the list of mental aberrations it wasen’t based on scholarly studies or new scientific evidence. Their acceptance of homosexuality was purely political, the result of a relentless campaign of deception, intimidation, outright violence and unethical collusion between elitist APA/APA committees and activist homosexual groups. Combined with an actual Marxist plot hatched in 1890s Europe to destroy Capitalism now known as political correctness that opened the curse of Pandora’s Box on humanity resulting in the horror show we now have in the name of “equality”. The cold, hard reality is the biological male surgically and chemically altered to resemble a female is still a mentally compromised homosexual crossdresser whose very nature prevents reproduction. Oh, and encouraging obese women to be happy with their bodies only just encourages them to remain unhealthy. Winston Churchill summed it up better than I ever could when he said: “The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is”. Unfortunately, words like those simply bounce off the foreheads of those incapable of rational thought, legend-in-their-own-mind progressive liberals. To them the truth sounds like hate speech because they hate the truth.
Swave n deBoner June 17, 2021
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There is nothing "gay" about Rapinoe or any of the other freaks in this article.
jan deen June 17, 2021
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There was significant coverage(2 DAYS) not long ago that a Victorias Secret  CEO was part of a regular tour to a certain island reputed for its underage visiting angels-- but unforunately the island's host has acquired  his " own set of wings"  which he acquired during his stay in federal prison.  Let's try demons--enough with the angels, is now policy.