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Secret Pro-Trump ‘Task Force’ Plans For ‘Alternative Elections’ Leak!


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NATIONAL FILE has exclusively obtained a document that a source claims was written by an underground group of strong President Donald Trump supporters that plans for the rise of “alternative elections” separate from the elections recognized by the political class.

The 16-page document details a worldview in which American patriots live separately from the globalist authoritarians occupying the United States when it comes to business, social media communications, and political governance. The task force that wrote the document is apparently trying to get President Donald Trump’s Office of the Former President to adopt “alternative elections” as a Trump priority.

The document claims to have gained support for its ideas from Republican leaders nationwide including members of Congress.

“There are some very high-net worth individuals funding them, and most of the guys on the team are much brighter than I am,” one self-identified political source in the Washington, D.C. area told us. “This is about 150 people, some who own companies and provide all kind of logistics, and they seem very serious…”

The “internal strategy document,” entitled “Passing the Torch,” states: “Last year, we observed a rapid succession of unprecedented global crises and foresaw that America would undergo a turbulent period of low-intensity conflict. Based on that prediction, we convened a task force to ensure the pro-American agenda would emerge from this conflict victorious…

The most pressing question to the pro-American coalition is its leadership: with 45 presently removed from power, we must rebuild the right and determine how to pass his torch to new, more effective pro-American leadership.

This cannot be accomplished through the current electoral system, compromised as it is by systemic fraud and partiality, despite the claims of many conservatives that it needs only a few conventional reforms. The paradigm must change, and 45’s Office of the Former President (OFP) introduces an expedient means by which real Americans can restore true representation through alternative elections.

Such a proposal would constitute no less than a refounding of America that, like the original founding, would create the opportunity for unfettered innovation and personal liberty. Although competition and conflict would inevitably arise from the regime change, it is not a vision of civil war – it is a vision of civic renewal.”

The document calls for peaceful “Pro-American Regime Change,” writing, “Election experts who watched the vote counting unfold on the evening of November 3 immediately and publicly raised concerns about election irregularities such as unprecedented vote-counting shutdowns, often on bogus pretexts like a “water leak,” vote count observers being kicked out of precincts and windows papered over, and even tabulation anomalies and software malfunctions.

Those raising the alarm were silenced by social media and deplatformed by mainstream outlets, some of which declared a Biden victory even before the coordinated election interference was completed.

Fox News, particularly the election night Decision Desk manned by Arnon Mishkin, was a key accomplice in slowing the reaction of Republicans to these events…Democracy has lost its meaning for millions who no longer have even a seat at the table with the globalist oligarchs who rule the country. Liberty and justice for the American people cannot be reclaimed by merely doubling down on the current order.”

“Our government no longer merits nor receives the sacrifice of the competent. The only vision our nihilistic managerial class can muster is a docile population that limps along, dependent on predatory elites to “generously” provide a society of ugliness, boredom, and ill-health.

America’s most powerful and influential plutocrats have squandered whatever credibility or forbearance they may have been granted. They have operated in bad faith to betray, exploit, and replace the American people. The only question that remains is whether they have the technology or morally aligned force of arms to perpetuate their rule,” the document states.

The document states that “we must present 45 an audacious middle path: a gradual separation of pro-America voters from the compromised electoral system into an alternative electoral system centered in 45’s OFP (Office of the Former President). Under free and fair alternative elections, 45 could pass the torch of the pro-America movement to a successor who is not beholden to the internal power structures of the current regime or even the Republican Party.

Rather, the alternative electoral system would operate as a direct democracy for a separate people – real Americans – and offer a leadership alternative to the current regime. This audacious move would expose the regime itself to the free-market principles it currently manipulates through cronyism and corruption. Instead of a false choice between two regime candidates, or a doomed attempt to fight the Deep State from within, voters would be offered the possibility to choose the next standard-bearer of the pro-America movement.

Would-be leaders on the right would be forced to decide if they want their careers to be invested in the fruitless current system or if they prefer to back the OFP’s new land of opportunity.

There is nothing illegal or seditious about using the OFP in this way, as it currently consists only of member votes within a private, voluntary organization – labor unions, by comparison, regularly hold elections and referenda. And voting in alternative OFP elections would not prevent anyone from casting a vote in official regime-sponsored elections as well.”

The document states: “Carrying out alternative elections will require an institution-building process of tremendous proportions. The populist energy that 45 generated and continues to direct is the engine that will power this endeavor. That is why our task force must work prudently and quickly to direct resources toward each of the alternative institutions, first those that can be prepared confidentially, then slowly widening the pitch circle to more and more stakeholders…

The last task force roundtable produced several workable courses of an action directed at solving the urgent post-election crisis. Although the course of action we selected was unsuccessful, task force leadership still believes it as the right choice with the greatest chance of success. It garnered the support of numerous states’ Attorneys General, members of Congress, legal experts, and GOP leaders – not only those in attendance but many more outsiders who were drawn to our strategy on its merits. Despite its surreptitious origins in our task force, it was largely held up as a mainstream Republican election integrity strategy.”

“At the next task force roundtable, we will settle on an immediate ground plan for each element of the pro-American agenda discussed above. Since our last meeting, a significant influx of new talent and expertise has joined our core group and contributed to the present task force report.

We are now equipped to ascertain the required financial and logistical needs under each heading and prepare a planning, funding, and execution itinerary over the next 40 months. A forthcoming prospectus will be distributed by the same mechanism as the present task force report.”

The document could be an interesting window into the pro-Trump Right as patriots try to figure out a way forward. Can patriots provide for the legitimacy of alternative elections in order to save the American Republic that has become so corrupted by political class malfeasance that patriots can barely recognize their own nation anymore? Hope persists. Here is the underground document entitled “Passing The Torch: Hosting Alternative Elections Within 45’s OFP.” 


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ROY S. MALLMANN II May 31, 2021
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If we do a massive push to get the audits done which will correct this last election, we will eliminate a lot of the Democrat office holders in the House of Representatives and at least four Senators, as well as return the Presidentcy to PRESIDENT TRUMP as he was the rightful winner.  The Democrats cheated massivley in 2018 midterms, although it was nowhere near what happened in 2020.  There is no statute of limitations on election fraud.  If the United States Supreme Court would rule that the under the law and ruling of  FOSTER v. LOVE, 522 U.S. 67, 71-72 (1997) which was re-affirmed by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1997 with a 9-0 decision, much of the election fraud would be canceled, because the Democrat Party submitted a Tsunami of counterfeit, fake ballots, forged with Joe Bidens name and the Democrat Senate candidates name, well after the 12:00 Midnight election day deadline, which by law, they all are null and void.  Since they were the only thing that let Biden overcome PRESIDENT TRUMPS substantial lead, voiding all of those ballots automatically makes DONALD TRUMP the winner of the election for his second term.  Case Closed!  Further, that same law states that the winner must be chosen by Midnight of election day based on who is in the lead at Midnight and that would be PRESIDENT TRUMP.