Notorious Moron, Labron James Gets Terrible News


Why is it that I am not surprised? Furthermore, it is not even close. A study was done by state and James is the most hated in 20 states. Two other NBA players are the most hated in three states. They are Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. James Harden is the most hated in four states. That makes James a landslide winner. He didn’t help his cause by his behavior in the playoffs where quite frankly, he stunk up the place, getting blown out by The Suns.

James has made several unpopular comments on various subjects, led by his assertion that the cop who saved a young girl’s life by shooting herm attacker should go to prison. I suppose he should have let her commit murder and then given her the key to the city or something. Let’s just say he is not the sharpest tool in the shed.

Then there is his position on China. He criticizes the United States for slavery that ended 166 years ago but he is a staunch China backer that has slavery right up until today because it put the coin in his pocket. How is he any different from the slave 0wning plantations of the South before the Civil War? Slavery is always wrong, no matter who does it.

Then there was his abysmal behavior during the playoffs as Cleveland got destroyed by the Phoenix Suns. To call his actions unsportman-like would be an understatement. He set an all-time, NBA record for obnoxious behavior on the court. He will ultimately blame it on the fans or his teammates but the blame all falls on his shoulder.

From The Daily Caller

Turns out, fans don’t really like seeing that stuff. Who ever could have guessed that might be the case? I sure never saw it coming!

You get what you deserve when it comes to sports, and when you’ve driven as many people away as LeBron has, it’s not hard at all to understand why people don’t like him.

Instead of focusing on winning championships, he feels the need to inject himself into situations he has no business being in.

Add in his recent behavior, and it makes perfect sense why he’s leading this list.

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Now he will quit mark my words