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New Arizona Audit Leaks Have Biden S******* His Drawers


In a world of universal deceit, a narrative controls the perception of truth. In a post moral and post Constitutional society that America has become thanks to radical leftists, it’s more important now that patriots work together to get the truth out no matter the cost. If we lose the fight to the radical Marxists, there will be no place left on earth where freedom will ring.

Those who control the narrative control the perception of truth, and in this post-truth society that has emerged in America, the narrative is everything. Democrats spend a lot of time gaslighting America to change the truth to their narrative. Leftists say things like they are living their truth, which means truth for them is subjective and relative to a particular narrative.

For example, the Democrats impeached former President Donald Trump twice in one term and both times they created a false narrative with fake articles of impeachment based on their truth, which had nothing at all to do with truth but the narrative they put out. The mainstream news media is the weapon Democrats used to twist the truth into their narrative.

One of the biggest lies the Democrats have used to build a narrative is that Trump’s argument that there was massive voter fraud in the 2020 election is what they call the Big Lie. They even created a name that mirrors what the narrative does. They are lying and they know it.

There is information coming out of the Maricopa election audit, some public and from some insiders who are making noise that what is being discovered there is enough evidence of voter fraud to make the American people start to question the 2020 election results. So far, other states have sent a delegation to the Arizona audit to take a look at how the audit is being conducted to give them an idea of the scope and magnitude to do the same thing in their states. Delegations from Alaska, Colorado, and Georgia have already gone for a tour of the Maricopa audit floor. As of Friday, word came that up to 9 states have said they will visit the Arizona audit center. Now it’s up to 10.

The narrative by the Left has been so well-orchestrated that the evidence they discover may not be enough to convince millions of Americans that they have been scammed out of their votes. America is bitterly divided now, and most people stick to their own camp because they believe their ideology is the truth and the other guy’s ideology is evil. We think that of them and they think that of us.

The Left is controlled by mainstream media that is leftist in nature and orchestrates its narratives across news networks. They’ve been doing it for so long they don’t even need to send talking points to get a new narrative up and running, with the details to be spoon-fed after they learn the narrative will stick.

The social media tech tyrants are also run by leftists who do their part for the Woke Supremacy by censoring free speech that goes against the narratives they support.

Many people are fearful that the Arizona audit results will be stifled by some leftist court or the data will be stolen or a combined assault by media will make news of the audit’s results seem meaningless. That cannot be allowed to happen. Many believe that once the Maricopa audit concludes with evidence of massive voter fraud, other states will come forward with their own audits providing their own results.

I have it upon good authority that very soon an announcement will be made that the Georgia 2020 election should have been voided due to election fraud discovered where the number of fraudulent votes will outnumber Joe Biden’s margin of victory. The Democrats and their allies in news media and social media are very effective at getting across a narrative, but they will not be able to change the truth to the Georgia story, because what is being discovered there is unwittingly being done by the very voters who committed voter fraud.

The Maricopa audit results must be spread throughout the country. If you think the Left censored and blacked out information about 2020 election fraud so far, you haven’t seen anything yet. The Left will be vicious to change the narrative and we cannot let them succeed. Post the truth of the audit on the usual tech tyrant sites where you will more than likely be censored, but post on free speech sites like Parler, Telegram, Gab, MAGA-Chat, Spreely, and more. Get the word out there.

The Left will stop at nothing to block the message. You will be accused of spreading misinformation, Russian disinformation, conspiracy theories, the whole gambit of lies they tell to censor you. What else is new? We cannot let it happen with the Maricopa audit for the sake of all the future audits to come. The truth must get out. There are already news reports coming out from the usual suspects saying that the audit is “dangerous for democracy.” This is what democracy looks like, when patriots step up and volunteer to do what needs to be done to expose the truth.

According to Conservative Treehouse there is an update from Arizona Republican Chairwoman Kelli Ward:

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward provides an update Thursday night on the status of the Maricopa County ballot audit. Physical ballot counting is almost complete and delegations from Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Alaska, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, Washington State and Michigan have all attended and reviewed the operation.

The widespread national interest is likely what has triggered the DOJ. Additionally, there are early reports that ballots are missing and the final tally will not match the reported number of ballots counted. Interesting possibilities.

Creative Destruction Media reports that rumors are coming out that it’s been discovered that 200,000 ballots missing in a state Joe Biden “won” by 15,000 votes.

Leaks from the Arizona audit are foretelling a massive number of missing ballots to be reported in the final results. The amount of 200,000 missing ballots has been discussed. The margin of ‘victory’ for illegitimate Joe Biden was less than 15k.

Boris Epshteyn on War Room Pandemic has reported 25% discrepancies in ballot batch tallies from official reported numbers. Decertification of Joe Biden’s ‘win’ in Arizona is now being openly discussed.

Patriots have to start working on ways of protecting the results of the Arizona audit now for when the truth comes. The truth will be met by leftist propaganda, the media conglomerate’s narrative building, and bald-faced lies. Get ready to spread the message everywhere when the results of the audit are made public. I have a feeling that if this thing goes the right way, it may spark a new political revolution that will put the country back on the right path for freedom and liberty.

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Mario E Porrata Colon June 18, 2021
| |
I would conduct a two pronged campaign:  One for the truth; and the other against those thAT WANT TO HIDE IT (MSM).
Cash Web June 14, 2021
| |
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kibitzer3 June 14, 2021
| |
The 2020 elections will ultimately have to be rerun due to the power of the corrupt MSM to control the narrative -not letting the Trump win stand at this point, because of its major blow to their agenda, of a totalitarian New World Order - and the failure of the corrupt judicial branch of the civilian government to do its job, out of fear or whatever.  Cue the U.S. military, via the Insurrection Act - which Pres. Trump thoughtfully activated before leaving the office - to intervene, and hold the space while thoroughly cleaned-up elections are held, under the auspices of something called the Quantum Voting System.  Which will revolutionize that area of public life; in concert with something called the Quantum Financial System, which will do the same for that area.  We are, then, faced with a New World Order, indeed.  Just not the dystopian, Brave New World one envisioned by our Wannabe Masters, with them in control, and exercising Power Over Others.  (Or what I call 'POO for short'.)  Their vision of such a world being the Dark side version of The Real Thing.  With it turning out that there is a God after all; and thus, their atheistic - or outright satanic - vision for life on Earth being a false vision, and enterprise.  As we enter a New Stage of our development, as facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, expressions of our Creator Source.  Chips off the old block, as it were.  A piece of the continent, a part of the main.  In a Process as well of God experiencing Itself.  Those of us 'spiritual beings having a human experience' who are ready to graduate from this level of consciousness, that is to say.  To those who aren't: There will always be another opportunity.  But you will.  Not.  hold back those who are ready for this Harvesting.  Their time out of this classroom has come.  Life - as we know it on this level - being a school.  And the purpose being to graduate.  Not to get stuck in The Process, by decisions - expressions of consciousness - that keep as bound in it.  Ultimately to work our way out.  Or not.  Our choice.  By a loving, but firm, Creator.  Preparing us to live in perfect alignment with the Will of something larger than our individuated Self.  Hallowed be Its name.         
Babsan June 14, 2021
| |
Biden is a Fraudulent seated Resident,Dementia ridden and unable to function as a normal human.Is that what the Democrats are proud of? They don't have a sane person to represent the party and America?
MSimon June 14, 2021
| |
Life like a movie.
Rick June 13, 2021
| |
Decertify and anyone in the election board that did not report this law-breaking LOCK THEM UP for 20 years with NO PAROLE
Ron Black June 13, 2021
| |
The question is not were the election fraudulent, the question is what will be done about it.  Who has the authority to reverse the election and install the rightful President, and perhaps a few Senators.  The Supreme Court has already demonstrated  their lack of fortitude.  What else and who else can we expect to do the correct actions?  I greiveously expect this sham to go unchecked.  Say goodbye to America as it once was
Nick Cignetti June 13, 2021
| |
Biden has problems knowing what day its is!!! Surely thou jests!!!
Daniel R Smith Sr June 13, 2021
| |
The crooks would not at the proof that has been here all the time>so many were paid off>