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Kamala Humiliated! Met With Huge Sign: ‘GO HOME, TRUMP WON!’


“Go Home, Trump won” read the sign that greeted Democrat Kamala Harris in Guatemala on her recent trip there as one of the most high profile “Black” women in the world, and much to the shame of the Democrat Party, illustrating more the complete failure of the Joe Biden administration.

Floridian Press reported:

Vice President Kamala Harris’ much anticipated “foreign policy” trip to Guatemala to meet with leaders there about what can be done to stem the influx of illegal immigrants that are crossing into the U.S. from that country,  got off to a bad start with Air Force 2 having to turn around because of  “technical issue”  and was then being greeted by pro-Trump, anti-Biden Guatemalan protestors.

Harris will be promoting social problem solving, Propaganda use, and public policy powerhouses through what is called “Non Government Organizations” (NGOs). Leftists Community Organizers in America, with highly profitable Marxist groups like Black, Lives Matter, have led the world in a Global movement to usurp their country’s established governments to bring about their desired more changes.

Following a familiar pattern of pushing for change after an emergency, Marxists have banned together to demand their way during the uncertainty of recovering from the COVID Pandemic.

Harris was, therefore,  in the region to meet with lawmakers and Marxist activist groups to talk about the humanitarian at the border that Joe Biden’s policies have created for many nations.  The Democrat’s open border policies have devastated poor communities by increase lawlessness for Guatemala, Mexico, and the United States, and people are frankly tired of the haughty Democrats who have ignored a massive problem they alone caused.

The amount of human suffering in Guatemala is untold because the Biden administration also has not allowed press access to information centers, fearing the disastrous Public relations for their team, of which Kamala was tapped to lead.

Up until this recent highly promoted trip, Kamala had been viewed as skipping her duty.  This will be her first trip to the area that the press has covered, and it is not off to a good start, but radical activists looking to overthrow the Guatemalan government with their own non-profit NGO work are very excited.

Americans, for the most part, do not support Harris.  Now there is evidence that neither do people in Guatemala, outside of the Marxist activist groups, where Harris feels very welcomed.

The Floridian reported:

“It is a technical issue. There are no major safety concerns,” said Symone Sanders, spokeswoman for VP Harris.

But after boarding a new plane and taking the 4 1/2 hour flight to Guatemala, protestors were at the Guatemalan Air Force base waiting for the vice president with open arms and signs. Big signs.


Teaching the Marxist activists of the area how the American Marxist NGSo has reshaped American culture by going around the American government system, Harris, a Community Organizer, plans to instruct them how to bring Globalism there, and not everyone is happy about it.

Reuters reported on Monday that the plan behind the trip is to promote NGOs:

U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris’s trip to Guatemala and Mexico this week is likely to emphasize cooperation with non-government organizations amid some criticism from local officials over the timing and thrust of her mission to curb migration to the United States from the region advisers and experts said.

The vice president’s first overseas trip since taking office, which starts on Sunday, will focus on economic development, climate, and food insecurity, and women’s issues, White House officials say.

Harris’s advisers said she would meet with community leaders, workers, and entrepreneurs and have repeatedly sought to lower short-term expectations from the three-day trip, highlighting her focus on root causes for migration, such as corruption that have plagued the countries for years.

Harris will land in Guatemala on Sunday and fly to Mexico on June 8, where she will spend the day.

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confusednomore June 8, 2021
| |
She is there to infest these countries with the likes of BLM organizations to cause riots and mayhem in Guatemala, to overthrow any semblance of a democracy and shove Marxism down their throats.
Ollie June 8, 2021
| |
And by God "" SHE KNOWS THEY STOLE THE ELECTION. " nobody in the world believes DEMENTIA JOE BIDEN WON 
LEH June 8, 2021
| |
What we need here are millions of COMMUNITY DISORGANIZERS - people advocating and protesting FOR capitalism and freedom.