Election Fraud Now Undeniable As Investigation Blown Wide Open


It was recently discovered that Dominion Voting machines in Pennsylvania that they contain unapproved software which can be used as a hacking tool to steal elections.

The software is not approved for voting machines by the Election Assistance Commission (‘EAC’). That software allows anyone with access to the voting machines to change values on the voting to tip the scale in any direction they want the election results to show.

The software usage is undetectable and would give operators the choice in who wins elections. The same software was discovered in Antrim County Michigan where President Trump had 6,000 votes stolen from him.

Attorney Matthew DePerno has demonstrated how it works after he discovered the software in Michigan. This is potentially a smoking gun on what we saw occur in Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Via Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times:

Wake TSI said in the 93-page report that was quietly published on the county’s website, with no public fanfare, in May.

Wake TSI personnel did not conduct a technology forensic audit of the operating system or election management system (EMS) but did review some system file dates, log files, ballot images, and other files.

Wake TSI said in its report summary that it found that the election “was well run, was conducted diligently and effectively and followed the directions of Pennsylvania.” No anomalies were reported during the election process and expectations were that the assessment would not show any indications of fraud, error, interference, or misconduct.

However, Wake TSI said it found five “issues of note,” including that Dominion failed to meet the commonwealth’s certification standards; that the election management system had Microsoft SQL Server Data Tools installed, despite the software not being part of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission’s certified configuration; and that changes were made to the management system just three weeks before the election.

People who assessed the machines say there is no valid reason for the software to be installed on voting machines and that voting information can be changed through its use.

They also say that Dominion failed to fill out the required document that the installed software versions conformed with certified reasons.

Dominion claims that the form is optional even though the software is not approved for voting machines.

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Babsan June 14, 2021
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You mean to tell me that Pelosi lied when she said there is NO voter Fraud?
Randy131 June 13, 2021
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[The software is not approved for voting machines by the Election Assistance Commission (‘EAC’).] It's against the law for that software, or any software that can be connected to the internet, to be in those voting machines, every where in the USA, and the Dominion company knows this, yet they put it in there anyway, "WHY"? This has been done illegally in all the states that use the Dominion machines, and the Dominion company knew this, but put the software in there anyway, and the only motive I can surmise for Dominion doing this is to collect millions of dollars from the Democrats in every state that has Dominion machines, to rig the election in favor of the Democrats. The payoff for this voter fraud could not go through the Dominion company without an explanation for the extra funding over the contract amount, meaning the Dominion officers probably collected these illegal payoffs under the table, and made millions of dollars for themselves, and is why they took the risk, for their own gain instead of for the Dominion company. This could normally be easy to prove by just searching for the money in the accounts of the Dominion officers, but the DOJ and FBI are also owned by the Democrats, no matter who the President is, because the Democrats many decades ago knew they had to stack the federal government career employee positions with liberal biased Democrats, so they could run the justice and law enforcement departments and agencies in the federal government, and thereby protecting themselves from prosecution when they break the law and commit voter fraud, or any other kind of crime. Now you can understand just how corrupt the deep state federal employees really are, and the members of the Democrat Party too, and why the Democrats would risk this very massive and pervasive voter fraud, probably the greatest amount of voter fraud ever perpetrated on a people of any country in the world, because the Democrats knew that they would contol everyone who would be investiagting claims of voter fraud. There will never be any honesty and fairness in American elections, until all the members of the Democrat Party can be removed from the election process, and the tabulation of the election votes.  That is sad to say, but the Democrats corruption, dishonesty, and lack of integrity and honor is really just that bad.  And through their ignorance, the Democrats believe that they are stealing the election from their hated opposition, the Republicans, but in truth they are stealing these elections from the American people, and the American people's choice in who they want to run their government.