D’Souza Called Out Michelle Obama, Says What Few Dare To Say: Her College Thesis From Princeton Was “Illiterate & …


ICYMI, This one definitely had Michelle FURIOUS.  How dare anyone expose the lack of intellectual prowess of the former 1st ‘lady’ … it still makes me smile to this day, and I thought you might enjoy it as well …

It was been reported that conservative commentator, author, and filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza has called out former First Lady Michelle Obama, saying her final thesis from her time at Princeton University was “illiterate and incoherent.”

D’Souza’s comments came after the former First Lady made an appearance in London for a stop on her book tour for her new memoir, “Becoming,” which is currently the best-selling book of 2018.

Mrs. Obama was speaking with Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie when she made a ridiculous claim, saying that some of the most powerful people in our world are “not as smart” as they appear to be.

“I have been at probably every powerful table that you can think of,” she stated.

Obama stated, “I have worked at nonprofits, I have been at foundations, I have worked in corporations, served on corporate boards, I have been at G-summits, I have sat in at the UN. They are not that smart.”

Mrs. Obama made the comment to a sold-out crowd of 2,000 people, admitting that she personally had “a little [bit of] impostor syndrome.”

D’Souza. who President Trump recently pardoned after being slapped with a felony conviction for “making illegal campaign contributions” back in 2012, was not happy about Obama’s comment that some of the most powerful people were “not that smart.”

“Anyone who has read Michelle’s college thesis—a document so illiterate and incoherent that it was written, as Christopher Hitchens put it, in ‘no known language’—will chuckle heartily at this one,” D’Souza wrote in a post on Facebook, linking to a Newsweek article which reported on the comment made by the former First Lady.

Michelle Obama’s college thesis was the topic of discussion during her husband’s 2008 presidential campaign, as Princeton University kept it under lock and key until the election was over.

The Daily Mail UK reports:

A number of conservative bloggers wrote about the restriction, fueling controversy, until the Obama campaign itself sent Politico the thesis in full.

Princeton University then followed suit and lifted any restrictions to the thesis.

Hitchens, who was a frequent critic of Obama’s presidency before he died in 2011, was quick to tear into the thesis – which was titled ‘Princeton Educated Blacks and the Black Community’.

He mocked Michelle for what he said was a ‘narrow choice of subject’ because she was a ‘black woman at Princeton’.

Below are excerpts from Michelle Obama’s college thesis:

As a result of this greater sense of comfort felt by respondents with groups with whom they have spent more time, more respondents will be interested in benefiting these particular groups in comparison to others. Thus, the variable measuring time spent with Blacks or Whites will also influence the dependent variable measured by the respondents’ motivation to benefit various social groups.

For example, respondents who have spent time with Blacks are likely to be more comfortable with Blacks and will, therefore, take a great interest in benefiting this group in comparison to other social groups. Consequently, it also likely that these respondents are motivated to benefit self, their loved ones (who are also likely to be Black) and the Black community in comparison to other social groups indicated by this variable. While Blacks who are more comfortable with Whites than with Blacks will probably be less interested in benefiting the Black community. (Robinson, 19)

As we have seen, the findings discussed in the previous paragraphs seem to support the hypothesis that respondents who were increasing the time spent with Blacks were becoming more attached to the Black community during the Pre-to-Prin period both in their individual interactions and in their political ideologies about Black and White relations on a community level. Respondents who were increasing time spent with Blacks were also becoming interested in positively contributing to the Black community. (Robinson, 42)

 However, with the increasing integration of Blacks into the mainstream society, many “integrated Blacks” have lost touch with the Black culture in their attempts to become adjusted and comfortable in their new culture — the White culture. Some of these Blacks are no longer able to enjoy the qualities which make Black culture so unique or are unable to openly share their culture with other Blacks because they have become so far removed from these experiences and, in some instances, ashamed of them as a result of their integration.  (Robinson, 54)
Seventy-one percent of the respondents reported being in careers that have made them upwardly mobile from their parents’ socio-economic class, while none of the respondents reported being downwardly mobile from their parents’ socioeconomic class , and only 17% of the respondents reported remaining even with their parents’ socio-economic class; 12% did not know yet how they were moving (see table 10).

With respect to belief in God, it appears that their general belief in some kind of God was relatively high. Sixty-two percent of the respondents said they definitely believe in God, while only 6% reported that they do not believe in God; 24% are uncomfortable with the word “God” but believe in a transcendent force; and 9% either do not know or are uncertain. Seventy-one percent of the respondents believe God influences their own lives, but only 43% of the respondents believe that God influences the way society is organized (Robinson, 35)

After reading these excerpts, it would be difficult for someone to argue against D’Souza’s point.

Oh, and here’s what he has to say about Kamala Harris!


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ca June 27, 2021
| |
dinesh has made himself a target once again and once again i thank him for his patriotism.  he's an unwavering beacon of truth for the rest of us...
Old Fur Trapper June 11, 2021
| |
Understand that the Obamas were a failed social experiment by the left to determine if their kind could in reality govern this Nation! They even arranged two terms for this experiment! And it failed!
Bob Green June 8, 2021
| |
But wait Dinesh...Michele is a 'woman' of color and therefore entitled to special consideration and grade enhancement...just to make Princeton appear anti-racist.
alicia cervera June 8, 2021
| |
Dinesh, BRAVO on exposing mikes thesis as I didnt understand  what  she was trying to expose, even though I have a Masters degree myself and taken several seminars in Rome , Florence, Nice and Paris France, besides being bilingual in english and spanish.  Notice how the first lady(?) uses mostly the pronoun I,I,I in her boasting?Pathological ? And, as to  chamaleon's breeding, it was reported early on she was INDEED Jamaican with Indian roots on mothers side. so now to consider herself black is like obama saying he s black when he is  half black half white. And curiously he also ued a lot i, i , i, in his speeches.
bob &marilyn m hicks June 8, 2021
| |
Mischell or what in hell is her name, is a fat  lier, really not supporting her husband and one time "so called president".   She really is an ignorant and remember she had her legal licence removed.  
Ollie June 8, 2021
| |
Michael is looking very upset
wboehmer June 8, 2021
| |
Illiteracy is a hallmark of the black community. For example, take the "Juneteenth" holiday commemorating the end of slavery in the United States. The date is June 19th. "Juneteenth" is a meaningless word indicative of a toddler-level mentality.
stpaulchuck January 17, 2021
| |
she is now and always was the same as Bathhouse Barry, a black quota queen. I've never seen Obozo's papers. I'm not sure anyone has. As far as I know his school records are STILL sealed. What a farce.
Marilyn Z January 17, 2021
| |
I read this thesis when it was first released and was not at all surprised. They say the reading level for a newspaper should be about eighth grade level. If I had turned this nightmare in as an eight grader, I would have received a very poor grade on it. Princeton must have really low standards. I find affirmative action a very scary thing. Just think, every medical school class has someone at the very bottom. Pray you don't get one of those. I am mentioning this because you know that is the only way this low IQ woman even managed to get in to begin with. This pathetic woman truly believes her own PR and is quite convinced she is the greatest creature of earth, other than her foreign-born, muslim husband.
Jack January 16, 2021
| |
I have a PDF of her thesis. He’s 100% correct. She’s just loud and obnoxious so nobody will ever challenge her. Of course, if you did, you’d be raysis!