May 29, 2022

Democrat Senator’s Membership To White Only Club Exposed

Could you imagine for just one second if it were Donald Trump who belonged to an all white … anything?

There would be outrage the likes of which cable news has never seen.  Rachel Maddow would be jumping up and down asking how in this day and age could an all white club even exist!

Of course, Trump does not belong to an all white club … but this outspoken Democrat senator sure does, and he is unapologetic about it.  One would think that the media who loves to pretend that they are against racism and racial exclusion (unless we are talking about white folks, in that case the media wants us all dead) would be all over this story … but they are not.

Luckily for us, Breitbart is exposing Sheldon Whitehouse for the fraud he is.

Breitbart reported:

U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) defended his membership in an all-white beach club Friday by saying, “It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island[.]”

Here’s the exchange:

REPORTER: You had remarks on the floor following the deaths of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd on systemic racism in the country.  Your thoughts on an elite, all-white, wealthy club in this day and age. Should these clubs continue to exist?

SEN. ALLWHITEBEACHCLUB: It’s a long tradition in Rhode Island, and there are many of them, and I think we just need to work our way through the issues.

There are “many of them?”

Well, what do you expect from a guy named “Sheldon.”

Rhode Island is a reliably left-wing state that gave nearly 60 percent of its 2020 vote to His Fraudulency Joe Biden. However, as you can see, just like it was when Democrats ruled the South, there are still all-white clubs in Democrat-run states, and a sitting Democrat senator is allowed to remain an unashamed member of one.

Forget Whitehouse…

What does this say about Rhode Island’s Democrat voters?

Oh, and what does this say about a corporate media that’s allowed Whitehouse to get away with this for two decades? Yeah, that’s right, the media have known about this all-white beach club going back to at least 2003 [emphasis added]:

Diversity, of course, has made scant inroads on the Newport of Bailey’s Beach, whose membership profile might be defined less by who people are than what they are not. ”Jewish, yes,” Audrey Oswald, a lifelong member replied, when asked about the club’s demographic composition. ”Blacks, not really,” Ms. Oswald added[.]

The only example the far-left New York Times could find in the above piece was a single member’s biracial grandchildren who “sometimes visit the beach.”

This is just more proof that Democrat voters and the national political media don’t care about actual cases of systemic racism. Local media buttonholed this virtue-signaling bigot over the weekend, not the national political media — even though the national media have had countless opportunities to press Whitehouse on this. Here’s a video of CNNLOL’s Jake Tapper throwing softballs at a guy who’s a member of an all-white beach club.

Bailey’s Beach Club was founded in 1890 and still has no non-white members. How is that even possible?

Obviously, Bailey’s is not a whites-only club. That would be illegal. But clubs like this have been in existence forever as a means to keep “undesirables” out. Bailey’s is a “private” club. It’s not open to the public. To get in, you must be invited and accepted by the other members. And after 130 years of existence, no one’s invited even one member of a racial minority to frolic on the beach with them.

If you want to know just how hypocritical Democrat voters and the establishment media are on the issue of racism, get a load of this…

In 2006, Whitehouse promised to cancel his membership at this all-white club. Which he did… But not really. He “resigned” in 2010 by transferring his membership over to his wife, who is now one of this all-white club’s biggest shareholders.

And no one cares… Not the establishment media, and certainly not the so-called “progressive” voters of Rhode Island. Despite his membership in an all-white club, Whitehouse easily won re-election in 2018 with 61.4 percent of the vote.

According to the U.S. Census, Rhode Island is 83.6 percent white, so let’s do the math… With 16.4 percent of the population being non-white, over 130 years, Whitehouse’s beach club couldn’t find one non-white person — not even one — to invite? That’s absurd.

jim June 22, 2021
| |
Rhode Island's government has been corrupt for a long time.  How else can you explain how a Bozo like Sheldon gets elected.
Hellen June 21, 2021
| |
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jan deen June 21, 2021
| |
This is great.  Makes my day in fact. The hypocracy achieves the status of divine irony and sets the standard for revelations in the future.  We knew the GOP would never reveal anything quite so shocking as they have failed completely with prosecuting Hunter Biden.  But with this, even the name is white.  The "accident is syncronicity at its best."  Ya gotta luv it.  Fools and incompetence around every corner. 
chas field June 21, 2021
| |
this guy needs to be outed