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Dave Portnoy BANNED from Twitter for Reportedly Celebrating End of Coronavirus Pandemic [Updated]


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Dave Portnoy, the founder of popular blogging and podcasting organisation Barstool Sports has been permanently suspended from Twitter for reportedly celebrating the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

User @mcm_ct, an account mostly focused on market commentary, was the first person to notice that Portnoy, who had 2.5 million followers, had been permanently banned from Twitter at around 7:50 EST on Friday, with the last reply tweets to his account having occurred only a few minutes before, suggesting the ban took place somewhere around that time.

Initial reaction from some users highlighted that Portnoy, who founded Barstool Sports, the popular blogging and podcast organisation, had been celebrating the end of the coronavirus pandemic. In a video which is still available on his Facebook page, Portnoy drank a bottle of champagne engraved with the word “coronavirus,” which he declared was a ritual he does whenever an “enemy” of his is defeated, claiming that now the pandemic is over and coronavirus is “dead,” he can finally open the bottle:

“It’s been a shitty 16 months, but you know when I have an enemy what I do, I put a bottle of champagne in the desk of my office… and I wait for them to fail… who is engraved on the back. I’ve been waiting for coronavirus. What a year I’ve had with this! I’ve been waiting, but now finally, I can pour it, and I can drink to the victory, because coronavirus is dead! Masks, gone, live life love, drink, be merry! Finally, I get to drink the best drink I’ve ever had in my life. Coronavirus is    D E A D, bang! Enjoy it, drink up, enjoy life, we deserve it, let the roaring twenties begin!”

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PROUDWHITE June 20, 2021
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That FAKE >look a like <of the DUCK DYNASTY, needs his AZZ kicked. Pathetic sissy  liberal.
sara June 19, 2021
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Sundog Bersley June 19, 2021
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...give Portnoy a break...celebrate the demise of Co-vid like a New Orleans wake...  
Ollie June 19, 2021
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Koby June 19, 2021
| |
at its height if use, only about 20% of the adult population was on Twitter. Surely, at this point, if you're not a fan of Jack the commie Dorsey, get off Twittwr and let the commie loving stooge go broke.
John F Edwards June 19, 2021
| |
Never used Twitter and now most of America except for the woke crowd, whatever the hell that is, are dropping off or being dropped. May they rest in peace and may the SOB in charge go broke.