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Fraud! 2020 Ballots Were Modified in Trump Strongholds


As we all know, the easiest way to switch votes is for ballots being kicked out for adjudication. Well, it seems that the ballots were different in Republican areas than in Democratic areas.

The ballots in Republican districts were rigged to kick out many more votes in the Republican areas. When that happens the vote gets posted manually. At this point, the vote can be stolen.

Remember, every switched vote counts as two. If Biden and Trump were tied at fifty and a single vote is stolen, Biden would go from tied to a 51-49 advantage, Two vote advantage. As you can see from the image above, the ballots in Democratic districts were aligned meaning many fewer ballots are kicked out for adjudication. In the Republican districts, it is misaligned and therefore many more ballots get kicked.

It’s in the ballots.  Now the printers of the ballots are in the hot seat.  They better lawyer up.  It appears that ballots in Republican areas were printed differently than in Democrat areas which caused more Republican ballots to go to adjudication and potentially be recorded as Biden votes.

The Gateway Pundit reported earlier that code expert, an inventor with over 200 patents and whose system is located in 15 billion cell phones worldwide, and the inventor of the bar code, Jovian Pulitzer, back in December identified the difference in the ballots that could allow someone could switch thousands of votes.

DePerno’s audit team, the Allied Security Operations Group (ASOG), found and exposed some things about the Dominion Voting machines. The error rate was set at 68.05% as opposed to an allowable rate of .0008%. That is a huge difference and that puts possibly hundreds of thousands of voters that couldn’t be potentially changed.

From The Gateway Pundit

DePerno explained to Steve Bannon:

Two things we put out late last evening, two new reports that came out. One shows that there was, we’ve proved now that there was direct access to the Antrim County Election Management System, because we show on November 5, we can see it in the forensic images, that an anonymous user logged onto the EMS remotely with escalated privileges and made changes to the database, when they were trying to re-tabulate the election.

So, that’s one huge, huge development because now we prove that the machines were remotely accessed and, more importantly, they were remotely accessed by an anonymous user who had elevated privileges in the system.

And the other thing, probably as equally as explosive. Everyone’s seen ballots before, like these ballots here [waves a paper ballot]. On the side of the ballot, there’s these black boxes, there’s 59 black boxes on the side of the ballot. We now see within the forensic images that in Antrim County those blocks, blocks 15, 18, 28, 41 and 44, were all intentionally modified, the height and the width, the shape of the blocks were intentionally modified in order to generate errors.

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alicia cervera June 13, 2021
| |
When are we going to be shown the TRICKS and therefore the TRUTHS? When are we going to kick jo out of the WH and all his Cheating cabinet?
Craig Schroeder June 12, 2021
| |
If the election is tied at 50 each and Biden gets one vote, it takes Trump two votes to get ahead, if Biden gets 2 votes more it takes Trump 3 more votes to get ahead.