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Breaking: Trump Demands Reparations!


Anyone with half a brain knows that the Whuan Institute of Virology is OBVIOUSLY the most logical explanation for the origin of the weaponized Covid-19 outbreak.

Let’s look at what we know:

The first known cases of this strain of Coronavirus began in Wuhan, China.

The Wuhan lab works with deadly viruses, manipulating them in order to create new, deadly viruses.

China saw their economy grow and the rest of the world locked down, leaving their economies in shambles, way behind China’s GDP growth rates.

Anyone who dared point out the obvious, that the lab should be looked at as a possible source for the pandemic was banned from social media and shunned in the media … to me, this is the biggest smoking gun.

While Biden continues to have confidence in Fauci, who it now appears is more than ‘connected’ to the outbreak, if not personally  culpable, President Trump is calling out China for their role in the global catastrophe.

Joe Hoft of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘President Trump calls for reparations from China.  The time has come for China to pay up.

The President called for reparations and all debt to be forgiven with China as a starter:

Donald Trump has called for China to pay “reparations” to the United States for the damage done by Covid-19, which originated in the city of Wuhan.

At a rare speech to a Republican convention in Greenville, North Carolina, the former president said China should be presented with a bill for $10 trillion and all countries that owe money to the Asian superpower should refuse to pay.

And he said the US should put 100 per cent tariffs on all goods coming from China.

Joe Biden is likely in bed already and has no idea what Trump is talking about:’

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بت فوروارد September 29, 2021
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guest June 7, 2021
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I think like black ops, not allowed on US soil, go over to other willing nation and fund the project.  Oops someone not a one worlder leading to domination (President Trump secifically), they needed something to blame on him, pee in bed failure, russia colusion failure, say we have a deadly virus we need to experiment with, we need a population we can use for that purpose, how about we leak it and document the results. Oops, too much death, panic, OR good results very deadly, now we can tweek it genetically until it kills just those who we want to kill.  China I think, is not the only one at fault.  WE did not receive reparations that I know of from any war WE were in; WE paid reparations to heal Japan and Germany, maybe France, Russia and who knows how many others, Viet Nam, Korea, Kuwait all unknown.  I think, that reparations are not what is called for in this case, fair trade is a good idea, nature gas supiority was a great idea,
livid June 6, 2021
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Amen and Amen!!