May 29, 2022

Breaking: Leading Conservatives Banned From Banking!

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“It seems like somebody’s just messing with us,” D’Abrosca told National File. “It’s almost as if there’s some cheap diversity moron, or maybe somebody on a rung lower, who has the power and has a list and who is like, ‘Delete, delete, delete.'”

Former U.S. House candidate and current American Greatness contributor Pete D’Abrosca found out on Tuesday that Wells Fargo had cancelled his savings account “with no explanation.” The news comes immediately after Wells Fargo closed the account of America First activist Lauren Witzke, leaving her stranded out-of-state with no money.

D’Abrosca first reported the news on Twitter, writing “@WellsFargo just closed my accounts with no explanation. I’m sure it has *nothing* to do with my political opinions.

Speaking to National File about the situation, D’Abrosca stated, “Clearly there’s been some kind of conspiracy within Wells Fargo to ban prominent right wingers from using their banking services. This is yet another reminder that major monopolies in both banking and tech are not operating within a purely free market capitalistic system. They must be broken up, and their CEOs and executive level employees and board members jailed until we can figure out how to stop discrimination from “private” companies against the political right.”

“As for Wells Fargo specifically, they’ve always had a garbage product and I feel like my money will be safer and put to better use in a local credit union or regional bank,” D’Abrosca added.

The conservative commentator told National File that Wells Fargo had refused to cut him a check in person containing the balance of his account, telling him that a check was already in the mail. When D’Abrosca asked if they could cancel the check and write him a new one, the bank refused, citing the fact that his account was already closed.

“I have three accounts with Wells Fargo, a personal checking, a business checking, and a savings account,” D’Abrosca noted. “The personal savings account is the only account that they banned, so I have two other accounts, I can use my debit card right now. It seems like somebody’s just messing with us. It’s almost as if there’s some cheap diversity moron, or maybe somebody on a rung lower, who has the power and has a list and who is like, ‘Delete, delete, delete.’”

D’Abrosca told National File that he is currently in contact with his attorney, and plans to pursue any available legal action that can be taken.

As National File previously reported, Lauren Witzke was also cancelled by Wells Fargo on Tuesday.

Dave June 17, 2021
| |
I know it's easier said than done, but sue. Maybe someone like the ACLJ would be interested.
Litand June 16, 2021
| |
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Randy June 16, 2021
| |
I have the same problem with Chase Bank. I should have donated money to the Republican Party from another bank account as every since I made that donation they are rude at the bank itself and on the phone. They told me to inquire about a limit increase that I had pre-qualified and when I did they rejected me without any hesitation. I've been with Chase for over 7 yrs, never ever been late on any monthly payments on any other of my bills either. Then I ran across an article about banks, Chase included, that were targeting Republicans and conservatives. 
recce1 June 16, 2021
| |
Institutions likes banks must be held accountable for such blatant politically motivated actions. They should be required to repay 4x the amount in the accounts closed or $10,000, whichever is more.