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Breaking: Huge News On PA Audit … It’s Actually Happening!


There seems to be more good news for Trump supporters regarding audits of the highly controversial and fraud-riddled 2020 Presidential election.

A delegation from Pennsylvania took a tour of the location where counting of the votes for Maricopa County, Arizona was underway and now they are leaning towards a forensic audit of their own.

Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano now says that they could be ready to start their own forensic audit of the votes in that state, although, in my opinion, it is likely they could find enough votes in Philadelphia alone.

There is little doubt that Pennsylvania Governor Wolf will fight them every step of the way and other Democratic officials will likely join in.

There is ample evidence that something is amiss, and I would imagine that Democrats are sweating bullets over the thought of audits.

There is, however, a downside. If the audit is completed and enough votes are shown that President Trump did indeed win, one of two things will happen. Biden will be allowed to serve out his term, or he and Kamala will be removed and nancy Pelosi becomes acting president. Perish the thought.

The delegation from Pennsylvania consisted of State Senator Doug Mastriano, State Senator Cris Dush, and State Rep. Rob Kauffman and their staff.

First, they were briefed on what was being done, and then they were given a tour where the counting of the votes was happening. They were impressed with what Arizona is doing and they would model their recount after this process.

From The Gateway Pundit

TGP’S Jordan Conradson spoke to Pennsylvania State Senator Doug Mastriano to hear what he thinks of the historic Arizona full forensic audit.

Jordan Conradson: Can you give me a quick step-by-step of what you and other legislators from Pennsylvania did today?

Senator Doug Mastriano: Myself, Sen. Cris Dush, and Rep. Rob Kauffman met with our counterparts in The House and Senate today. They gave us the legislative perspective on this audit: why they’re doing it and how they got here. Then after that, we got a tour of the audit and they went through the process of how they protect people’s privacy, how they ensure chain of custody and how this is a free and transparent process. I gotta tell you: I’m Impressed. This is a model for any audit in any nation or the world.

Mastriano: My impression of this right here is, this is the way you do it. They’re looking at the type of paper that’s being used, they’re looking at whether circles were filled in by a machine or by hand. This is the level of technology that we should have. The takeaway for Pennsylvania and the rest of the nation is that our elections need to be secure. People should be able to walk into the ballot box thinking “my vote counted, my voice was heard”. If we got nothing to hide, Let’s do this.

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Yitbarek Fessehaie-redah June 10, 2021
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I am not sure I follow the reasoning that once the fraud was established, the Democrats have a right to remain in office!! The whole point of establishing fraud was to return the results to the rightful winner. How do you come with the idea of Biden/Harris removed and Pelosi staying in the office!! How do you justify that? On what grounds? They committed fraud and should be imprisoned. That is what should take place!! We are talking about fraudulently winning an election. Why would the finding of that grant any Democrat of any description a stay in office? It is ludicrous!! It is about justice and justice demands retribution - return stolen goods/victory to its rightful owner!! In 2022 Trump will be re-stated President period.
kibitzer3 June 10, 2021
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The Speaker of the House would not fit into this picture.  The nation is technically under the Insurrection Act - which Pres. Trump thoughtfully activated before leaving the office - which means that it is under a form of Martial Law.  Once brought into play - involving evidence coming forth from the various forensic audits - the U.S. military will hold the space for new elections to be held; which will take place under totally clean terms, involving a Quantum Voting System.  The Bad Old Days being over.  The Good Guys to take over now.  The world to be under New Administration.  Life is a school.  The purpose is to graduate.  We are now facing a graduation from the spiritual equivalent of elementary school, up a notch or two, on the spiral stairway to the heavens.  For those who are ready, that is.  For those who aren't: Their choice.  But they're not going to hold the rest of us back.  From this Harvesting that is about to take place.  That we can live in an environment more harmonious with our true natures, as 'spiritual beings having a human experience'.  And now to concentrate on the higher aspects of our education, as facets, fractals, aspects, points of view, expressions of our Creator Source.  And thus, imbued with creative powers that we have only begun to discover, and play with.  The Dark side's dystopian New World Over being the reverse image of the Real Thing.  Ready for liftoff.        
messup June 9, 2021
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Do think, that as in any situation of uncertainty, espcially Judicial, the remedy resides in the courts. An election having multiple incidences of documented fraudulent disenfranchisement of voters, would be one for Judicial adjudication. SCOTUS would ultimately detemine proper "corrective action." Do not think, Speaker of the House automatically assumes the Presidency without first Judicial (expedited) review(s). This is "uncharted territory" and Judicial Review seems to be best solution. Pray. Amen. God Bless America. Read A Bible. KJV. Then, 10 Commandments everywhere. "Create Bible Pods and Tutor Pods." ASAP.
GM June 9, 2021
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As a person that resides in Southwestern Pa, I can say that we certainly question the results of not only the presidential election but also some house elections.