Dem House Speaker Arrested For Human Sex Trafficking


Some say that history repeats itself, other say that history rhymes, in this case it seems that both are true.

How many times have we reported on stories of politicians … especially Democrat politicians being caught abusing young children?  What is it about those who seek power and their desire to steal the innocence of children?

I guess we know why the punishment for some of the most heinous and disgusting behavior on Earth (child sex abuse) is so tiny: those who are writing the laws are the ones engaged in it …

Cassandra Fairbanks of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘Former Oregon House Speaker and current Clackamas Community College board member Dave Hunt has been arrested and charged by Portland police in an undercover sex traffic sting operation.

Hunt, a Democrat, voted for the 2011 bill that he is charged under.

The Democrat was one of eight men cited by the Human Trafficking Unit of the Portland Police in April. Officers had set up a sting operation using online decoys on known human trafficking websites — and Hunt contacted them to arrange payment for sexual acts, according to a report from the Portland Tribune.

Hunt and the others were arrested and cited for commercial sexual solicitation.

The disgraced politician was the Oregon House majority leader from 2007-2009 and served as speaker during the 2009-11 session.

“Human trafficking is not a victimless crimes. Survivors of human trafficking may be hesitant to seek out help from law enforcement due to the fact they may have been forced, coerced, or manipulated to commit crimes and fear arrest. Cases of human trafficking often include physical, sexual, and mental abuse. From the outside they may look like domestic violence, robbery, sexual assault, or fraud. The Portland Police Bureau, in conjunction with other federal and local law enforcement agencies, is committed to deterring prostitution and human trafficking activities,” the Portland Police said in a statement.

The statement continued on to say that “the Portland Police Bureau Human Trafficking Unit has embedded Victim Advocates available for resources and services to those who are interested. There are also many community organizations that provide help to those affected by human trafficking.”

Hunt did not comment when contacted by the Portland Tribune.’

While it sure seems to be an extraordinary number of Democrats engaged in their behavior, it is a problem that both sides of the isle … well, globalists from both parties engage in … remember Dennis Hastert?

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Babsan June 11, 2021
| |
Nah,just another Democrat.Something about these people nowadays.
bob litfin June 10, 2021
| |
Must be one of Mr. Clintooooooooooooooon's close "Buds"
Nick Cignetti June 10, 2021
| |
This is just the tip of the iceberg.
Country Boy June 10, 2021
| |
All that's needed to fix his problem is one quick swipe with a Buck 119. That would end his child sex pedophile career rather quickly. Or 10 yrs of Prison time with Pedophile printed on the back of his shirt and let the inmates convey their inner most sentiments about his behavior.  
Claire June 10, 2021
| |
'Stealing innocence of children'.  It is so much more than theft! To shove something so ugly and huge into someone so small is horrific, painful, irredeemable, a nightmare that will endure in ptsd!  Stealing innocence.  I am sickened by this inadequate term! I am sickened by those who minimized this Satan inspired horror by using such a weak term.  Stop it!  
morefandave June 10, 2021
| |
As a conservative, I expect more accurate articles and headlines.  Hunt is NOT a speaker, and may not have been for many years.  Why did the headliner not identify him as a former Speaker?
ABUTOM May 4, 2021
| |
Babsan May 4, 2021
| |
Another sleazy Criminal sex pervert Democrat down
Betty Blakley May 4, 2021
| |
Hunt, Dem Speaker in Oregon, a Stte that has completely lost their minds up there is mow addressing Hunt's alleged stint of terror and filth is found to be a second trafficker!  How stellar!  Oregon is a political state of radical leftists demolishing their own state and is evidently being run by felons!  Hunt needs to be in prison!  Who the hell does he think he is trafficking human beings for sex?  He's a big fat zero, a nothing, get him off the streets!  Gitmo sounds like a good place for him!  Sickening pos!
Ollie May 4, 2021
| |
I was hoping for a minute it was ICE CREAM NANCY , but I recon they missed her out ( Too Bigger Fish ) , the DOJ might get implicated and involved 
Harvey Schneider May 4, 2021
| |
Much of what is written in the article is true.  Due process needs to follow to determine if the allegation are true or not.  If they are true and if he is found guilty he should face a long jail sentence.               
Stoopidorsumthn May 4, 2021
| |
If you're going to advance in Democrat politics, you must accept "their" full control of your position. To get that much control of you, they can either produce enough faked evidence, or create reasons for your conviction,  with "ironclad proof" of the worst possible accusations, which anyone would deny in court, but whether it happened or not, they have the media ready to slander you,  a "dossier" full of false, or real "witnesses" with FBI photographs and testimonies. When someone realizes they're being forced into a position they can't accept, then they face blackmail-prosecution, and a possible "suicide" scenario, real or declared by a judge. The railroaded scandal  will cost someone everything he owns to get out of it, as was in the Mike Flynn conviction. The only thing we can believe nowdays is that there is a very dangerous element in charge of politics, and the democrats dont take "no" for an answer, and they can outspend you in court. Remember:  "We control the horizontal, we control the vertical. Do not attempt to control your tv or your elections, or you will be cancelled". 
T-200q May 4, 2021
| |
Makes me wonder if Qanon's conspiracy theory about Dems heavily involved in the sex trafficking of minors is true after all. This is a case on the topic. That also explains why Democrats are so choleric about QAnon. If not that, the QAnon hypotheses and alleged proves could easily be shraged off.