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Biden’s Treasury Sec Demands Billions To Pay Off OTHER Countries’ Debts!


Janet Yellin is asking for billions of dollars to give it to foreign countries for debt relief and to fight global warming.

I once again repeat the question I have been asking for weeks, “When is it American’s turn to see something from the Democrats?” The answer is frankly never. This is on top of the 500 million doses of the COVID vaccine Biden plans in giving away to other countries.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellin is asking congress for billions of dollars because she is afraid that other countries’ economies are unfairly benefiting the rich over the poor and middle class. And that is our responsibility because?

We are not the world’s keeper.

The same countries Yellin wants us to pay for are the same countries who vote against us in the United Nations.

Yellen told Congress on Thursday:

When I took office, one of my greatest concerns was a K-shaped recovery from the pandemic; a recovery where high-income households rebounded quickly — or even emerged better-off — while low- and middle-income families suffered for a very long time… Low-income nations haven’t had the fiscal space to implement sweeping relief, as we did with the American Rescue Plan. Even their ability to access vaccines is limited.

Yellen goes on to say that fighting off climate change would be much easier if we give away all of our money to other countries.

Money is only a problem if we possess it. It would be easy for you to wonder if you have any part to play in the billions of tax dollars that would be spent by Yellin. But of course, you do. You get to pay for it.

From The Daily Wire

Likewise, Yellen asked Congress to support new global entities meant to help developing nations struggling to meet foreign debt obligations.

The second involves low-income-country debt. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on the finances of these nations, and if they are going to rebuild, many will need to address their debt vulnerabilities. The United States led in creating the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (or DSSI) and the Common Framework for Debt Treatments for precisely this reason, but now we need to fund both. Without new funding, the United States could be forced to delay the multilateral debt process under the Common Framework and charge much higher interest rates on DSSI debt service suspensions.

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jefz June 13, 2021
| |
Yellen is an American traitor. We owe no one a penny nor were we placed on earth to support others who are either incapalble, crooked or enept  to help themselves. They are able to procreate faster than fleas but unable to support themselves, not our problem,  Americans first. Our hard earned tax funds to be spent on Americans only and in our country. 
Desert Dweller June 13, 2021
| |
Take that dirty communist traitorous bitch out and HANG HER A.S.A.P.!!!  imo
Bruce Baker June 13, 2021
| |
Why am I not surprised that Career Democrat Politicians are suggesting the USA pay for the debts of other countries?  But, we need to remember, Joe Biden, the Career Politician, gets a check for being a Senator, a Vice-President, and now for being President too?  And All these Democrats, have no clue they destroyed the money machine Trump Created that might have funded the USA Debt, oh no!  Now, they look to the Criminal efforts to open the money spigot like they did under Obama where up to 30% of the money spent on Pork Barrel, and special interests... .Circles back to their pockets, just like it does for the BIDEN CRIME FAMILY?  Oh yeah.  The Biden Family is benefiting big-time from Joe Biden's decisions to help China and other countries around the world where money Circle's Back, if I can steal the Psaki expression, into the pocket of Biden and his career Democrat friends, eh?  
Lisa June 13, 2021
| |
JC, what is wrong with these people? do they EVER think of America FIRST? this is so f'ing wrong on so many levels...Let's get America back on her feet before you decide to spend OUR TAX DOLLARS to other countries...let's HELP OUR poor and middle income American people
Cash Web June 13, 2021
| |
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AL June 13, 2021
| |
Classic liberal & progressive thinking.  America is evil and greedy, and America must sacrifice to fix every problem in the world. And of course, America is supposedly the worst offender in climate change. That's the new dodge by the Biden admin, parroted enthusiastically by Dems and the media.
John June 13, 2021
| |
Is the entire government under Obiden totally nuts?
Sandee Dempsey June 13, 2021
| |
Yellen ask China to pay for it.