Biden’s FBI Snatches Pregnant Single Mother & Trump Supporter, Facing Over 30 Years in Prison … For What?!


Jim Hoft and his team at The Gateway Pundit have been doing a great job of getting the stories of the people who the Biden regime is rounding up and treating as if they were ISIS members, out to the public.

Without TGWP’s work the public would never know about the incredible abuses of power that the FBI is engaged in.  Their treatment of Average Americans, who made foolish mistakes, as if they were the world’s more dangerous terrorists is shameful.

Yes, there should be consequences for people who break the law.  However, pregnant women who walked into the Capitol and engaged in no violence should not be facing the rest of their lives in prison.

Ironically, none of these groups who want to abolish the police and prison have protested a single one of these cases to my knowledge.

The latest victim of the tyrannical Biden regime is Felicia Konold.  Felicia made a mistake, she trespassed, now she is facing what amounts to the rest of her life in a federal prison.

The Gateway Pundit explains:

Felicia Konold of Arizona was on a road trip celebrating being alive after a bad accident left her with a broken back and half of her face ripped off in 2020.

Konold had never travelled before, so for the first time in her life she has been taking road trips through the country that she loves so dearly with her brother — while also homeschooling her 10-year-old son.

When Konold heard that President Donald Trump was going to be speaking in DC, the siblings decided to add a stop to their road trip plan. She had never been to a protest before and did not really know what to expect — in fact, she did not even expect it to be a protest, just a rally. What she did know is that patriotic Americans who loved their president were not often treated kindly, and that she had a little boy that needed her. She packed a medical kit and bought some extra protective layers to make sure she would get home safe, should leftists attack the event.

She also hoped that by bringing supplies, her training for veterinary medicine may come in handy if things went terribly awry.

anuary 6 in DC was unlike anything she would experience in her wholesome and quiet life in Arizona, which mostly consists of spending time in her small mobile home, gardening, taking care of her animals, and homeschooling.

Konold still did not realize it was a protest when she followed the crowd of fellow Trump supporters to the Capitol. The door to the building was open and police seemed to be allowing people inside, so she went. She was kind and friendly to police and left quickly when she was told that people were not supposed to be there.

When the arrests of Capitol rioters started she assumed that she was okay. After all, she did no harm. She thought that the people who were being arrested were the ones who were violent or engaging in vandalism — not the peaceful people like her. 

A month after the protest, she was yanked from her bed at gunpoint by the FBI. Her entire street was blocked off and crowded with unmarked vehicles. Her small mobile home was raided and a two page long list of her belongings was seized.

Konold is four months pregnant. Her son has always wanted a sibling.

The expecting mother was detained for an entire week. Bizarrely, the FBI told her not to speak to other law enforcement agencies.

Upon her release, Konold found that her social media accounts were all removed. She was even banned from the stock trading app WeBull. The media was smearing her as an “insurrectionist” and painting her to be someone that she is not, while all traces of her life and who she really is vanished from the internet. Without social media, it is nearly impossible to defend yourself from these smears. The media could now paint her as any cartoon villain that they wanted — and people couldn’t look at her happy and normal social media accounts to see otherwise. READ MORE AT THE GATEWAY PUNDIT

She is now trying to raise funds so that she can secure an attorney that will properly defend her. Those who wish to contribute can do so on Venmo at @Felicia-Konold-1.

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Ernest June 7, 2021
| |
The FBI are Nazi Brown Shirts working for the Deep State Cabal, The FBI needs to be disbanned
PROUDWHITE June 7, 2021
| |
The  DEMOCRAT SCUM "Police">>WERE allowing people in. This is BS by the BOUGHT and PAID FOR, the SOCIALIST "FBI">.
Old Fur Trapper June 6, 2021
| |
Absolutely pathetic that she is treated this way!  When trash is elected to office, trash is what you get! I hope she gets a good lawyer with NO PLEA DEAL and she wins her case! Than sues for false arrest and damages for 1 trillion!
capoprimo June 6, 2021
| |
That's the name of the game today, punish the innocent and reward the guilty.  The ANTIFA and BLM crowds have burned, looted and killed in every major city in the US, they get off without as much a slap on the wrist.  Patriots who curiously wondered onto the Capitol Buildings, are prosecuted, jailed for months and isolated confinement without being charged or charged with meaningless charges of Traspass.  Not fair, not just and certainly not equal under the law!
Paul Lamothe June 6, 2021
| |
`the Capital police were allowing protesters into the Capitol and the Rat Bastards say she was trespassing! corruption at work. If she was a DemoRat nothing would have been done. The Cabal at work!
jan deen June 6, 2021
| |
It might be tolerable if Biden stole the election if we did not have to endure such blatent criminal behavior and abuse of the constitution and bill of rights after the fact.  Not to mention Hunter carries on while citizens are tortured.
Firepraise April 16, 2021
| |
Such rubbish!  Land of the free and  The home of the brave? Now that innocent blood is, once again, Spilled on this sacred soil By a pregnant 30 year old woman, Two lives were lost, and... Sacrifice At the hands of some feeble toxic commie regime In desperate need of fresh fetal tissue For their bullshit " vaccine " Guaranteed to turn your brain to mush, and... Your body into a shell... Are we so gullible to believe  That the first shot Of this 2nd Civil War Hasn't already been fired? Have we grown so comfy inside of our cocoons Inside of our homes, I mean, Prison cells, That we could care less about these two very precious and unique creations That God Himself Wonderfully and Fearfully created. We live and have, until recently, Taken our immutable freedoms  For granted. The 2nd Civil War,  Into which we are now engaged,  Is a fight for our souls. That poor woman and  Her unborn baby  Were the victims  Of such unconstitutional abuses  By a punk - assed, Bush created FBI,  Who abuses the civil liberties  Of ALL AMERICANS,  Especially against pregnant women  And their babies. Keep your powder dry, and.. Your guns loaded. They will soon come a knockin'  Looking down the business end  Of your 2nd Amendment Rights  To protect your life and family  From ALL terrorists. Both foreign and domestic. And... We haven't a shortage of either. BTW,  For the record,  President Trump NEVER stepped down  NOR conceded his office  To this communist regime. Lest he were to betray our trust in him. Since he could not,  In good conscience,  Govern a foreign land, upon which,  He claims absolutely NO allegiance  Nor citizenship  To responsibly declare residency  In an anarchist,  Demonic enclave ( Washington, D.C. ). These commie goons,  Under the orders of the CCP,  Usurped and stole the United States,  By design. That poor girl's life,  The life of her precious living baby  Is now warped  Because of this facist bully insanity. May God protect her AND  Her family. I'm praying for a no - nonsense,  Kick these bastards in the balls  Christian attorney,  Whom wants nothing more  Than protect her rights and  Civil liberties  From these abusive stazi creeps. In closing,  President Trump, Sir,  We need you  As you've been called out  By God Himself,  For such a time as this.
Oldwolf April 15, 2021
| |
The real reason she's in jail is cause it was turkey neck Nancys office some broke into . As long as it was your bussness , or your home being Burn to the ground it was ok , but you see how things stand cause it was their offices . Their special while your just a piece of crap under their shoes.  This is our new government of corruption.  Welcome to the fake government of corruption  
confusednomore April 15, 2021
| |
THIS is how the left treats ANYONE who dares disagree with their agenda.  
LoriDee April 15, 2021
| |
I am challenging the FBI or any other terrorist organization operating as a government agency to come to my house and try to remove me at gunpoint.  You will need numerous body bags and better be wearing at least level 4 protection.  If not...make sure you kiss your family goodby before you come.  I am sick and tired of the unconstitutional and arrogant administration we now have (illegitimate/stolen election) trampling our freedoms.  It will stop soon after the 2nd civil war begins.  The FBI and other alphabet operations will cease to exist in their present form after the government is overthrown by WE THE PEOPLE!!!  Come and get it ASSHOLES!!!!!!
Missy April 15, 2021
| |
FBI needs to be dismantled and totslly erradicated.
Dale Dubois April 15, 2021
| |
What the Democrats are getting away with in America will will make The United States of America end up as a Bamboo Republic. Biden is not in charge but is being told what to do next that is if he can remember what they told him. Republican States can make laws against the Democrat agenda and some States are doing this. I can see a Civil War coming.
Dick Palmer April 15, 2021
| |
The Nazis are here!
ken April 15, 2021
| |
It appears to me that Biden and his SS men are trying to accomplish what Hitler was doing to the Jews. Biden and his SS people are doing their best to fix any up coming elections in his favor by doing what ever it takes. Hitler burned books; Biden limits free speech / Internet; while passing judgment on those who don't agree with his politics. All any one has to do is support Trump and Bidens SS men target them as Hitler did the Jews.  What has Biden done for the store keepers that were looted and burned for the sake of black lives matter (ALL LIVES MATTER). Who will Biden hold responsible for their losses. Biden turns a blind eye to the facts like he has with Hunter and his drugs, and the money they both received from when Biden used his connections to set Hunter up in a job he was not really qualified for in the Ukraine. Hunter should be getting his drugs easer with Biden's open boarders. 
Rosie46 April 15, 2021
| |
Biden invites terrorists, illegal alien drug traffickers, human traffickers, child sex traffickers, virus-carrying aliens, murdering gangs, and 18,000 unaccompanied minors (many make teen gang members) to freely and illegally enter our country, but then his FBI arrests a young pregnant mother who entered a building owned by US citizens, not knowing she was trespassing and caused no issues and left. Maybe those FBI agents should go to our border with Mexico and apprehend some real criminals.  And tell us, were the BLM and Antifa terrorists and rioters arrested for trespassing when they were  burning and looting or when they barricaded federal agents inside a federal building and set it on fire?  Absolutely mind boggling!!!!
Barbro April 15, 2021
| |
FBI is a criminal agency doing work for the Democrat Crime Cartel
JB April 15, 2021
| |
An attorney should come forward and offer services for her pro Bono.  The FBI  should becarresting the cesspool dwellers in DC  instead of  innocent  law abiding citizens 
Jim April 15, 2021
| |
It is amazing that the Political Elite did not care about riots or incursions until their space was violated. All of a sudden they cared and want to pursue whoever was even on the grounds and they even tried to impeach ex-President Trump on our tax dollars over it. However other than that they could care less on what we have to deal with outside the Beltway. There are a few who care but none of them are in the ruling party except for maybe Rep. Cuellar from Texas but his district is right in the midst of the crisis. I also wonder where the Unity that Biden wanted is?
DevilDog53 April 15, 2021
| |
Biden's FBI is American Gestapo...