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Trump’s Latest Announcement Has Democrats Stroking Out!


I have to admit, watching the left get triggered brings a certain joy to my face … and I know it does that same for many of our readers.

Well, President Trump is causing the left to MELT DOWN with his latest announcement … those huge lovefests, where people of all backgrounds come together to celebrate America and the American Dream are coming back!

Kari Donovan of The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘The Left will have a real problem in the 2021 elections as the return of President Donald J. Trump’s signature ‘MAGA’ Rallies make a comeback, giving him a massive audience to talk about his endorsements that they can not censor him from.

Jason Miller, one of Trump’s long-time senior advisors, posted on Twitter on Saturday, confirming a story in MIC.Com that laid out the details of the popular campaign events that Trump used in 2016 to change the face of campaigning and politics.

In the article retweeted by Miller, the author Rafi Schwartz decries the power of Trump to mobilize large groups of voters who vote with pinpoint accuracy, assisting the candidates Trump chooses.

“And now, according to one of his top aides, Trump could be on the cusp of bringing back the Nuremberg-esque rallies that defined his presidency, and brought a traveling circus of violence and stiffed bills to cities across the country,” Schwartz reported with fear in his tone.

The hysteria the left has for Trump rallies really has more to do with the mobilizing power of Trump as a better Community Organizer than they could dream of being. Trump rallies are in fact such a hot-button issue that the Mainstream Media spends countless hours trying to discredit the phenomena.

The victories Trump has assisted with, for candidates around the country, are legendary yet the left claims otherwise, trying to gaslight Americans about the power of the MAGA gatherings.’

I don’t know about you but I love what this signals … Trump and the America First segment of the GOP … you know, 90% of us … are not going anywhere.

The days of the the RINOs running the show are OVER!

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