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Dominion’s Excuse After Voting Machines Mislabeling Republican Ballots in PA County Is Hard To Believe


In Pennsylvania they are having trouble counting the votes because their Republican votes aren’t being counted. No reason for the error has been official revealed, but Dominion Voting put out a statement that they are not at fault.

Dominion says that the problems were caused by human error. But others claim that the machines should never be used again. Their credibility is compromised and will never be trusted again.

Republican ballots were mislabeled as Democrat ones on electronic screen. Dominion says they regret the error and they will work with the officials in Luzerne County to fix the problem but it’s not their fault.

There are still questions about the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. Gov Wolf is term limited and the new governor could very well be a Republican just before the 2024 elections.

The Times Leader reported:

Dominion Voting Systems Inc., which supplied and programs the devices, said “human error” caused the data entry typographical mistake in the heading at the top of the ballot, according to company executive vice president of operations Nicole Nollette.

And county Administrative Services Division Head David Parsnik acknowledged the county does not test the on-screen ballots after they are approved. The county leaves it up to Dominion to program them into the electronic ballot marking devices with no county examination before the machines are locked up for delivery, he said.

The explanation came during a more than two-hour special meeting called by the county’s volunteer citizen Election Board solely to address the ballot mislabeling error.

The incorrect ballot heading impacted all Republican ballots countywide. The mistake prompted many Republicans to question the accuracy of the ballot and voting process. Some Democrats also reported they incorrectly received Republican ballots on their screens because that ballot also had a Democratic heading.

Election Board Chairwoman Denise Williams asked both Dominion and the board of elections what they plan to do to prevent further episodes like this one. Republicans are calling for a third party to do a complete audit of the recent primary elections. That is reasonable but Democrats will try to sabotage the effort.

Democrats claim they have nothing to hide just as they hide everything. Somehow, I find that enlightening.

Is it possible that humans were the ones causing the errors?  I suppose so, however, I am skeptical.  If human error was to blame for this error … and all the other anomalies reported across the nation, perhaps we are in bigger trouble than we first thought …

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TNGram51 May 27, 2021
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Those machines are just like weapons. They only do what they are programed to do by human input. Guns do not kill anyone until a human puts ammo in it and aims and pulls the trigger. Computers are made by humans and programmed by humans. They only do what humans put in them to do. These computers were programmed to do just what they did intentionally. Dominion is a deep state member and I am sure was.paid well to rig their machines.