There Were WAY More Illegal Votes In GA Than Biden’s ‘Margin Of Victory’! MSM Silent!


We have said it over and over again, but we ill repeat it yet again … we do not know what happened in the 2020 election but there were so many red flags that anyone who is not interested in an audit of the results is suspect to me.

Why on Earth would someone not want a transparent audit of each and every US election?  If you do not support the people being in charge of counting the the votes and other citizens auditing them, you sure sound like you have something to hide.

This is especially true when audits show that there were more illegal votes than Biden allegedly won the state by!

The Gateway Pundit reported:

‘The people of Georgia need to stand up and demand their state’s House and Senate perform a real audit of the 2020 election results in their state looking at the validity of their votes using forensic analysis like Arizona is doing now. 

We already have at least 355,000 invalid ballots in the state and today we can add another 12,000.

Look Ahead America (LAA) has released their Georgia Report documenting illegal ballots cast in that state’s 2020 General Election.

The public version of the report can be found here: https://lookaheadamerica.org/laas-voter-integrity-project-releases-the-georgia-report/. If you are interested in seeing the unredacted report, please reach out at their website.

As noted in the report, the LAA identified six tranches of potentially illegal votes and determined after their review of the first three that there were more than 12,000 illegal ballots counted in the 2020 election.  Here are their results:

As the LAA notes in its report, they identified more illegal votes than the margin of victory in the 2020 General Election in Georgia.

In addition, we know that there are at least 355,000 ballots that were counted in the election in Georgia that were illegitimate because they lack the chain of custody documentation required by law.’

If we do not ensure the integrity of our elections all will be lost and there will be no way out of the Marxist death spiral the Democrat party has put us in at the demand of the CCP.

This is it, it’s do or die for America.

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William G Munson May 21, 2021
| |
Well We the People knew this would happen when Mail Ballots were sent out and the people did not have to ask for them and even other should have been illegal too  and now We find out after Warnock and the other Democrats won after 98 %   when the other two were ahead 50,000 and over 100,000 Votes  impossible  too  
Paul Lamothe May 17, 2021
| |
Don't hold your breath waiting for something to happen, the corruption is too deep!
Ernest Lane May 17, 2021
| |
Rudy Giulani gave us numbers in several categories -- such as dead voters -- in several States.  I bet he has names.
joseph sullivan May 17, 2021
| |
150,000,000 + voters saw everything. The marxist media and about 60,000,000 are happy with the result. 
Mike S April 21, 2021
| |
MSM can't stifle those who believe there was election fraud during the 2020 election by simply avoiding stories like this. Their silence is as deafening as a sonic boom. Frankly, they insult the intelligence of every American with any intellegence at all who believes in honesty, fair play, and Democracy. Despite my ever declining faith in our particular Democracy, this represents a glimering light in the cavern of doom we are currently in. My opinion of the Democratic Party and many, many more like me is non existant. That will be reflected in the 2022 election. If the Dems try their shenanigans again, I predict the doom I mentioned earlier will become the end of this 50 state union.