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8th Grade Teacher Outed as Member of Antifa That Attacked Cops & Children


Jill Sheridan is an 8th grade science teacher at Qualters Middle School in Mansfield. She is also a radical antifa activist that many parents probably feel should not be teaching their kids.

For a long time, she was able to hide in the shadows but now she has been outed and everyone will know who and what she is.

She recently went to an anti-lockdown protest with some of her friends to protest the protesters.

One of her friends was arrested at the protest for assaulting police and he had a gun on himself at the time. Funny, the January 6th protests are said to have been an armed insurrection, a narrative that has been repeated many times.

What is never said is that police didn’t confiscate a single firearm during the three-hour riot. Yet, there could be a huge riot with BLM and antifa and even though guns were confiscated they are called peaceful protests.

At least one of her extremist friends who also attended the protest was armed and arrested for assault and battery:

Over the weekend in Bridgewater she and several of her Antifa friends decided to disrupt an anti-lockdown rally in the center of town, in which three of her friends were arrested for assaulting police officers and carrying guns. It should be noted that she was in town for a BLM rally, which was a mile away from the anti-lockdown rally. She chose to leave that rally and disrupt the anti-lockdown rally, rather than peacefully rally in defense of black lives.” 

From The Gateway Pundit

On Facebook, the teacher is friends with Jake Zawalick, who was arrested at the protest and charged with assault and battery, disorderly conduct, affray, resisting arrest and carrying a dangerous weapon while committing a breach of peace.

TBS also obtained a video of the teacher “harassing police officers, removing her mask when she gets close to them in order to try to get peaceful protesters arrested, and then sadistically targeting what appears to be two kids who were observing the madness.” 

On her Facebook account, where she uses the pseudonym Jay Marie, the teacher responded to the outrage from local parents about her conduct by claiming that speakers at the anti-lockdown rally were “domestic terrorists.” She also admitted to the fact that it was her on video harassing the police.

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Homeofthebrave March 28, 2021
| |
As a warning to all...those that are conspiring to create the madness of our times, reinvigorating racism-antifa and their left brothers, are securing firearms in record numbers. I was shocked to personally witness anti-gun legislation leftists now getting guns. Another of their "for me but not for thee" actions.
William Stephens March 28, 2021
| |
Has the school board fired her yet?
Fred Wilde March 27, 2021
| |
Ah yes....the open minded; psuedo intellectual, tolerant, left....any questions?