May 29, 2022

WW3 Alert: Iran’s Nuclear Facility Rocked By Israeli Attack

With Joe Biden, John Kerry and the rest of the Obamination administration cozying up to Iran and cucking at all their advances it is no wonder that Israel is getting nervous.

Biden has snubbed Israel, not even calling, never mind meeting with Netanyahu since he has taken office.  Instead, Kamala Harris was assigned to reach out to the Jewish nation.

Now, if you were Israel and suspected the Biden administration of siding with Iran over you and your people, and suspected that the US would now be giving Iran the nuclear fuel needed to mass produce nuclear weapons (with which Iran has repeatedly threatened to wipe Israel off the map with), would you not be planning a preemptive attack?

I know I would be.  I know Biden and his handlers (Obama, the CCP, Soros etc) are some of the least trustworthy bad actors in the world.

At this point Israel must know that their survival is in their hands, and their hands alone, the Bien regime seems to have no love for Jews, never mind the Jewish state of Israel.

American Military News is reporting:

‘Iran’s Natanz nuclear facility suffered a mysterious total power outage on Sunday, a day after it started up new advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges. 

On Sunday, Ali Akbar Salehi, the head of the civilian Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) called a blackout an act of “nuclear terrorism.”

The Associated Press reported that shortly after news of the power outage broke, several Israeli news outlets reported the same claim that the underground nuclear facility was disrupted by a cyberattack. According to the Associated Press, the Israeli outlets reportedly did not provide sourcing for the cyberattack assessment, though Israeli media often have close ties with Israel’s military and intelligence community, raising the possibility that Israel was connected to the outage.

The outage comes days after U.S. and Iranian delegations arrived in Vienna, Austria to being indirect talks about returning to compliance with the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal. Former President Donald Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran deal in 2018 and Iran has since breached its own commitments to the deal by exceeding uranium stockpile and enrichment limits.

Israeli officials have previously warned Israel’s forces could attack Iran if the U.S. eases sanctions against Iran or rejoins Iran nuclear deal.

On Saturday, Iran announced it had spun up numerous advanced uranium enrichment centrifuges, including 164 IR-6 centrifuges at Natanz. Iran also began testing its new IR-9 centrifuge, which could potentially enrich uranium 50 times faster than Iran’s first-generation IR-1 centrifuges. Under the 2015 nuclear deal, Iran is limited to using only IR-1s for enrichment.’

This is likely just the beginning.  Of course Israel can out smart Iran with cyber attacks, but at some point this is going to become a kinetic conflict, and when that happens, the world is going to wish they kept the Islamic radicals in Iran, in check.

Ollie April 12, 2021
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