Video Leaks Of Cuomo Being S-xually Inappropriate In Front Of His Daughter


In case you missed it when the MSM buried it … New York’s disgraced and exposed Governor, Andrew Cuomo, is straight out of Central Casting for the patriarchal criminal of a crime Family.

Cuomo has been clinging to power as the establishment seems to be tearing him down after he failed to keep the ‘bodies buried’ concerning his nursing home Covid scandal that left thousands, and by extension, perhaps tens if not hundreds of thousands dead.

The Governor has been refusing to resign, even though the Dems tell us we need to ‘believe all women’, I guess this is just another example of the double standard that exists in the country when it comes to laws for the left, and those for conservatives.

To bad for Cuomo, now we have video proof of how much of a scumbag pervert the man is … while HIS DAUGHTER WAS SITTING NEXT TO HIM.

TGWP reports:

‘The body language double put together a review of New York Governor Cuomo asking a young female reporter to ‘eat a sausage” – it was priceless.

The body language double released a review of the body language surrounding Governor Cuomo’s actions around a young female reporter.  This was a masterpiece.

The body language double reports:’

This is the governor of New York.  He’s asking this female reporter to eat a sausage…  Cuomo over here has a smile on his face about getting this woman to eat a sausage.”

(The girl next to the governor is his daughter.)

It’s one thing to be ‘that guy’, it is an entirely different thing to be that guy while sitting next to your daughter.  What kind of human being … oh yeah, a kleptocratic narcissistic psychopath.

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