Dems Forcing Reparations For Blacks (Who Were Never Slaves) Through Congress


If there is one thing you can count on the Democrats to do, it’s divide people based on race and pit them against each other.

One of the most absurd ideas they have ever come up with, an idea which is shameless in its pandering, is ‘reparations’ for black Americans.  Honestly, I think that people who lost their freedom because of the government allowing them to be owned by others are entitled to reparations … HOWEVER…

There is just one problem … there’s not a single human being alive today that was a slave in the United States of America.  That’s not the only absurdity either.  How about the fact that slavery only existed in the South and at it’s peak less than 2% of Americans owned slaves.

Since then we have had huge migrations from Europe, Asia, Central and South America and every corner of the Earth.  My relatives, for example, did not come here until around 1900.  Why on Earth would my children be burdened with debt so that the Democrats can bribe a racial group to vote for them.

As Jim Hoft of The Gateway Pundit wrote: ‘Republican President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves on January 1, 1863.’

That was 158 years ago!  That is about 5 GENERATIONS!  If the Dems really wanted to lift the black community up, rather than trying to turn them into a group that is addicted to government handouts, they would not be telling black Americans that they can’t succeed because of their skin color.

If they really cared about the black community they would tell them the truth: black American are just as capable as Americans of any other race.  Skin color has NOTHING to do with one’s ability to succeed in this country.  As the old saying goes, whether you believe you can or you can not, you will end up being right.  

FOX News reported:

‘The House took a step forward on a slavery reparations bill Friday by scheduling it for debate and a vote in the Judiciary Committee.

The bill would set up a commission to study reparations. If voted out of committee, the matter would come up on the House floor for the first time since 1989. The late Rep. John Conyers, D-Mich., introduced slavery reparations legislation in the House each session for nearly 30 years to no avail.

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Jeff April 18, 2021
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Just a question. If it wasn't for the slave traders bringing Africans to America. Where would the descendants be now? America or Some African village. From what I have read  and learned in History class. Every race that came to America had to overcome hardships to survive. But they endured 
Deborah Coleman April 12, 2021
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There’s not a single human being alive today that was a slave in the United States of America. That’s not the only absurdity either. How about the fact that slavery only existed in the South and at it’s peak less than 2% of Americans owned slaves.  TIME TO GET OVER YOURSELVES AND STOP LISTENING TO THE DAMN DEMONRATS (Democrats)! 
James Vincent April 12, 2021
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No money coming out of my pockets for these beer checkers spare checkers getting no sympathy from me respect me to pay for spearchuckers when you got the Great American whiteout going on I don't think so from here on in I give to white and white only blacks can go f*** themselves
Jeff April 12, 2021
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If they give reparations to blacks what about for the way they treated the Indians , even today.
nicki cribb April 11, 2021
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Don't know who the writer is, since they are not identified, but they really don't know squat anout American history. They state that slavery only existed in the South, which is an easliy provable lie, as New England states, the mid Atlantic states and New York also owned slaves and the New England states were the slave traders, not the South.  Please stick to facts, rather than repeat lies and slander about the South.