Gun Control

Breaking: Americans Preparing For Civil War At Record Pace


The writing is on the wall.  The Biden regime, the Democrat Party and their button men in the media and Hollywood have made up their mind that they are going to crash this nation into the side of the mountain.

The federal government completely under the thumb of the Democrat Party (which has veered so far left as to embraced some strange mix of Cloward-Piven-Marxism) which is working 24/7 to bankrupt American with an unimaginable amount of debt.  The Biden regime is spending our money … worse than our money, they are borrowing from the CCP on your children’s credit cards, like Hunter Biden at a brothel in Thailand.

When you combine the profligate spending with the fact that the Democrats have made it clear that they intend on disarming law abiding Americans, it’s clear that the United States is headed for collapse.  Not only are we looking at total economic collpase but also potential civil unrest and worst of all civil war.

With the left dehumanizing conservatives as ‘Nazis’ and ‘fascists’ as the media tells the public that it is OK to use violence against those who are not radical leftists, students of history know all too well how this ends up … genocide.

We are getting close and closer to the terrifying part of this list. The only thing stopping them at this point is our guns!

Luckily for us, it looks like more Americans see the writing on the wall than ever before:

Newsmax reported:

‘A month which saw multiple mass shootings — including high-profile murders in Georgia and Colorado — also featured a record number of FBI-conducted background checks for firearm purchases, complicating the narrative at a time Democrats are trying to push new gun control legislation.

Background checks in March were up 36% from February, as around 4.7 million were initiated, FBI data shows, according to CNN.

The number of checks do not equal the number of guns purchased, but they do tend to correlate with the volume of sales. Gun sales have historically trended higher as safety fears gripped America or when citizens anticipated upcoming gun control measures.

Atlanta, Georgia, and Boulder, Colorado, shootings left more than a dozen people dead and coincided with a pair of Democrat-sponsored gun-control bills passing the House. Also, COVID-19 impact payments went out to more than 125 million Americans, giving extra spending money to facilitate some of the gun purchases, CNN reported.

One House Democrat bill expands background checks to all gun sales and transfers, which is expected to face Republican opposition in the Senate, which is split 50-50 and still has a legislative filibuster that would require at least 10 GOP votes to reach the 60-vote threshold needed for passage.

President Joe Biden came forward publicly to support new gun-control legislation after the March 22 grocery store shooting in Boulder that killed 10, including a police officer.’

Biden must be furious that people are buying guns at record numbers just as he promises to take them by force.  One has to figure that these new purchasers have no intention of turning their guns in when the Democrats ban them.

These leaves us with one very likely outcome … civil unrest, if not all out civil war … a storm is brewing.

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David Phelps April 3, 2021
| |
The Dems would be wise to remember — the American Revolution began when the British Army marched to Lexington and Concord to CONFISCATE the weapons held there by THE PEOPLE.The troops arrogantly marched through those towns on their from Boston, but fled in panic later that same day.
Babsan April 3, 2021
| |
Yes,very short time left to save our Country from Democrat/Communist/Marxist destruction that's quite far as of date.It is a Terminal Cancer Tumor over growing America
Gary L Marquart April 2, 2021
| |
WE the american patriots are the largest standing army in the history of the planet. Rise up brothers and sisters , we are greater than the military, police force and the UN forces put together. WE have the god given right to defend ourseves from the communist democratic bastards in charge of our government. From domestic tyrany and satanic influences . God can still bless America again if we stand up and do the right thing.
TJ April 2, 2021
| |
Here's a message for Joe and his corrupt friends.  You can't take our guns, but feel free to take as many of our bullets as you think you can stand
Deborah Coleman April 2, 2021
| |
Deborah Coleman April 2, 2021
| |
Damn Straight!  I am ready to stand up for my freedom of speech, my right to bear arms and many other freedoms that ALL Americans have and you will NOT take that away!  You Demonrats need a REAL attitude and a serious HUMAN adjustment!  NOW, you are ALL VILE and Unwanted Creatures!  Get OUT of OUR America as you are ALL traitors to America! 
Tex In London April 1, 2021
| |
I could see a civil war coming even before Jan 6th.  The only question is what little straw will it take to break the camel's back?  The first one was started at Fort Sumpter; when, where and who will start the next one?  The states will all have to form their own militias.  No way will America last until 2024.
Mike Angelo April 1, 2021
| |
WAKE UP AMERICA! Before it is too late. If you let your freedoms be taken away, shame on you! It's time we stood up to these swamp-dwelling bullies. Could they really stop one million people storming Washington DC? What if 70+ million people stopped paying taxes? Would they be able to fund their outrageous spending? Somebody - anybody - come up with some schemes to take down this illegitimate government before they take you down!
Bruce A Frank April 1, 2021
| |
Of course the people are preparing! We have the office holders on the Left calling for and down-right promoting it by telling their followers to discriminate and attack all on the Right who voice a non-conforming, to Socialism, opinion.
Kelly Campbell April 1, 2021
| |
Kill the bastard commies...there is no other way....they are a threat to this nation and have been...they need to be eliminated!