May 29, 2022

Biden Just Raised Gas Prices & Heating Bills To Make America Dependent on Foreign Oil Again

It’s becoming abundantly clear that Joe Biden’s #1 interest is not the well being of the United States of America.

I don’t think anyone would question these allegations, I mean the man himself says derides the concept of ‘American First’.  How on Earth is it OK for the President of the United States NOT to support putting America first?  This is the job of each and every member of the American government.

On the other side, the job of the government of China is to do what is best for Communist China.  What’s best for their citizens … is to buy off our government.  Everyday it looks more and more like that is EXACTLY what they did.

How else to you rationalize this news with the Hunter Biden stories with all the money he has gotten from China and not only China but Ukraine and other nations as well. Then consider this as well …

Hot Air reports:

Despite having pledged to take a balanced approach to energy issues during her confirmation hearings, Interior Secretary Deb Haaland made some of the worst predictions by Republicans about actions on such matters come true yesterday. Haaland revoked a dozen different energy policy orders put in place during the Trump administration, announcing that her priorities would be to address climate change and shift to “the green energy potential” of public lands, assuming any energy is to be produced at all.

These moves not only fly in the face of many promises that Joe Biden made on the campaign trail, but also undermine statements that Haaland herself made this year when trying to tunnel her way through the confirmation process. Of course, absolutely nobody who has been paying attention will be surprised by these developments as they were all predicted by energy hawks who were familiar with the Secretary’s background.

During Donald Trump’s presidency, America went from being beholden to foreign (and often hostile) nations to meet our energy needs to hold a position as a dominant global force in energy production. In 2019 and 2020 the country cemented its position as a net exporter of energy in the oil and gas sector. Plentiful supplies from our refineries drove gas prices down for extended periods of time.

Vastly increased production of clean-burning natural gas resulted in cheaper home heating costs and steep reductions in coal production (which the green warriors should have been thrilled about but gave Trump no credit for) as coal-fired power plants converted over to cheaper and cleaner natural gas burners. It was one of the signature accomplishments of the Trump administration.

Yesterday’s announcements pretty much signal an end to all of that. Democrats are not only talking about jacking up the national gas tax, but the gas itself will become more expensive to begin with. Everyone with a job working on pipeline projects or in the industries that support such construction should probably learn to code or something.

Joe Biden was blatantly dishonest about his energy policy plans while campaigning for office and his new top lieutenant on the climate-change front will now be clamping down on our ability to maintain our previous productivity levels.

This is in no way in our national interests … it makes you wonder … just WHO is it that Joe Biden thinks, or actually IS, working for?

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William G Munson April 19, 2021
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When Obama was in Office gas prices stayed above $3 and $4  a gallon and Diesel was higher than gas all the time too and now Obama back in Charge too not Joe Biden Period
David leroy Ellis April 18, 2021
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Thank you brainless joe for your stupidity.