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Biden Is Pissed! – Trump’s Wall Construction To Restart W/o Joe’s Approval?!


Funny, I don’t recall seeing this in the MSM last month …

Daniel Horowitz of The Blaze has laid out a plan whereby Texas and Arizona finish the border wall themselves and then apply to the federal government for reimbursement. I don’t think either state will ever see a dime from Biden but maybe they will in 2025 when trump starts his second term.

The Democrats are making it easy for him with their radical agenda that the voters hate. But in 2020 the Democrats proved voters don’t count.

The Biden plan is completely open borders where illegal aliens can seek refuge and where drug dealers can easily move their wares into the country.

Americans were warned this would happen and it only took Biden 7 weeks to turn the border into a full-blown crisis. We are detaining children in large numbers and holding them longer than the law allows. Imagine if that had happened under Trump instead of Biden.

On Monday, Texas state Rep. Bryan Slaton filed HB 2862, which would finish the wall along the Texas/Mexican border at state expense and then requires the governor to appeal to the Biden caliphate for reimbursement. Good luck with that.

Texas could probably complete their wall but I don’t know if Arizona has the money to do that since most of the wall for Arizona is not complete.

Texas is deploying Texas Rangers and National Guard troops to try to secure their border. Finishing the wall would require much less border protection.

The ironic thing about not completing the wall is that the smugglers have all of these nice roads built for the wall construction. That makes it easier for them to move drugs and illegal aliens.

The good news is the states do not need to build gates that can be opened so drug dealers can pass right through the border fence.

From The Blaze

The reason this bill is so important is because the Biden administration halted the construction of the border fence even while portions of the wall were still being built. The fact that parts of the wall were built non-contiguously has allowed the cartels to easily go around the fencing.

Worse, as I reported last week, the cartels now have the advantage of using the new access roads built during the construction. Thus, the half-completed fencing, in some ways, leaves us more vulnerable than before the construction.

Overall, the Trump administration constructed 453 miles of new fencing – 373 miles of replacement fencing for existing designs that were dilapidated or easy to breach and 80 miles where no fencing existed. However, most of that fencing was in Arizona or in the El Paso sector, which includes far west Texas and New Mexico.

Just 18 miles were completed in the Rio Grande Valley sector and zero miles were completed in the Del Rio and Laredo sectors, but 165 miles in those three sectors were under construction when Biden terminated the project. Del Rio, in particular, is a hot spot at this point.

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The problem in Texas is State Affairs Commitee Chairmen REPUBLICAN CHRIS PADDIE 512 463 0556 will not bring up HB 2862 for a vote. 2862 is the bill introduced by Slaton which would have Texas continue building the wall.  
Original Anna March 14, 2021
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Don't bother. At my age I probably won't see the commies take over any ways so why bother with the illegals, let them live under our commies. Our young people want socialism any way, it's their future, not mine. Our young people should have been taught that the first thing commies did taking over Russia and the other countries after WWII was build walls, fences, ditches, whatever to keep people from escaping from their countries now under communism. So that wall will get built to keep our youth inside the walls so the commies can indoctrinate our youth's youth even more and keep control over them. So don't bother fighting the democrats as they got in because the "people" believed the democrats and not President Trump and the republicans which now includes Trump's rally people or let's just call them Trump's freedom lovers and wise to the democrat commies.
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The whole of the democrapic dungbeetles are all traitors to our great Republic.
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So how is Quid Pro Joe working for you now? He is the winningest Presidential candidate you know, if you judge by 80+ so-called "election votes". Did just sitting tight and waiting to see produce good results? Now you own it. Start learning how to correct it.
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I live in Az and am furious..the men actually come here to work so they steal jobs from our hispanic and black citizen workers while the women are all fat and lazy and come here with their broods to get all the freebies! It appears the only thing these women know how to do is eat and breed...cut them off from the freebies!
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I'd donate to that cause !
DrSique March 12, 2021
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Put out a request for American volunteers to come help. Tens of thousands would answer the call.
Thomas Goss March 12, 2021
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Biden's a complete ASSHOLE and should be taken out to the nearest tree and HUNG.
Pam Stanley March 12, 2021
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Thank you.