Video: Bill Maher Admits Democrats Are Racists, Taking Us Back To The Jim Crow Era


Bill Maher is an unabashed liberal. But he does have one redeeming quality. He never holds back when he thinks his side is wrong.

Maher says that the country is becoming segregated again. But he differs from the liberals and admits that they are responsible for the separation of the races. Not since slavery was still the law of the land, have the races been this separated.

The country will not survive like this.

Is there racism in America? Of course, there are and there will always be some of these morons around. But the truth is, there isn’t nearly the amount of racism as BLM and the Democrats would have you believe.   If there was we wouldn’t have so many people who make false claims of racism. But even a small amount of racism is unacceptable and we should do all we can to eradicate it. at least we can try.

Democratic data scientist David Shor appeared on “Real Time” with host Bill Maher. Shor said in order for Democrats to win elections they should stop focusing on issues people hate such as amnesty for up to 22 million illegal immigrants. Instead, they should focus on their agenda that is popular with the electorate. But that plan won’t work because there is nothing in their agenda that voters will like.

Maher asked Shor:

“We seem to be entering an era of re-segregation that’s coming from the left. I mean, on many college campuses, there are separate dorms, separate black dorms, graduation ceremonies, stuff like that. How will that affect elections in the future?”

Shor replied:

“I think just to go back, I think that the important thing is to just realize that most nonwhite voters are not liberal. They don’t identify as liberal. We should take that really seriously, realizing that most voters don’t share our values means that we should instead we should try to meet people with the values that they actually hold and we should talk to them about issues that they care about.”

People don’t want unlimited illegal immigration. They don’t want to spend $4 trillion for the Green New Deal. They don’t want us cozying up to Russia, China or Iraq. They don’t wholesale voter fraud bills like the House has come up with.  They just don’t offer anything to Americans.

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Oldwolf March 24, 2021
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Guess bill is hitting rock bottom too and now decides to jump on the trump train to gain so fame again . Funny how that works , one attacks when they are riding high . But the moment they hit bottom they change sides real fast ... go figure