Government Corruption

Entire Democratic Party Staff Quits!


Talk about a story that points out the duality of life … oh man.

While it is more than terrifying that ‘Democratic Socialists’ have seized control of the leadership of the Democrat Party in once red, Nevada, the fact that everyone else quit is encouraging to say the least.

This just goes to prove that there are still plenty of people who grew up Democrats but know that Socialism and Communism are not what America is about, and quite frankly, they are DANGEROUS ideologies that ALWAYS result in Democide.

Fox News is reporting:

‘The entire Nevada Democratic Party staff quit after a left-wing slate of candidates picked up seats in the party’s leadership.

The party’s executive director, Alana Mounce, sent an email to Judith Whitmer, who won a spot as the party’s chair on Saturday, notifying Whitmer that she and other staff members were resigning.

That included the party’s operations director, research director, communications director, and finance director, The Intercept reported Monday.

Whitmer had run as part of the “The NV Dems Progressive Slate,” in opposition to the “The Progressive Unity Slate,” run by the Democratic Party.

“We weren’t really surprised, in that we were prepared for it,” Whitmer told the Intercept. “But what hit us by surprise and was sort of shocking is that for a slate that claimed that they were all about unity, and kept this false narrative of division going on throughout the entire campaign — in fact they kept intensifying that — that’s what was surprising about it, was the willingness to just walk away, instead of working with us.”

A former party staffer indicated to The Intercept that Whitmer would reverse progress seen in the party.

“I knew I couldn’t work with her and watch her destroy the years of hard work so many operatives put into making our state party the best state party in the country,” the anonymous staffer said.’

Barack was right when he said he was going to ‘fundamentally change the United States of America’ …

I weep most for my children and other little ones who will never get to know what freedom looks, smells, or feels like.

This is it folks, either we stop the Marxists here (politically) or we don’t and they run us over proving Orwell to be right when he said that the future of humanity was a boot stepping on your face for eternity …

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emma March 10, 2021
| |
the big problem in this country is the schooling the kids get. they learn no history, but learn about sex changes etc. it is disgusting and parents need to put a stop on this. they also need to keep politics out of school. it is not a teachers job to tell kids what party they should belong to. our kids really do not learn much in school. whos fault is this??? the principals or the teachers or the professors who teach communism???
Steve Barrette March 9, 2021
| |
Idiots finally smarten up,
Janice March 9, 2021
| |
So funny how the unity card, like the tolerance card, only goes one way! Kudos to those who walked away!
most dems are Hateful, EVIL Liars March 9, 2021
| |
Yeah, whitmer talks of unity. That is what the libturds are against. Its their way or the concentration camps. I am glad I am old and will not be around much longer. It just scares the hell out of me as to what it is going to be like for my grandchildren. There will be civil war if this does not turn around shortly. the libturds are TRAITORS, should be given due process and....
jim March 9, 2021
| |
It gets pretty bad when even the Democrats who work for the Party can't stand them. Even a few Democrats will be shocked by the corruption. Corruption and evil are usually career enhancements for a Democrat