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Loretta Lynch “Let” Him Steal $40 Million, Then He Testified Against Trump


Loretta Lynch “Let” Him Steal $40 Million, Then He Testified Against Trump

Remember this from last year?  This is how corrupt the ‘justice system’ is…|

Felix Stater, President Trump’s former partner at one of his New York properties, will testify before the committee on March 14th.

Much like Michael Cohen, who lied and flipped on Trump for his own benefit, Stater is a known liar.

Stater’s deception is connected to Loretta Lynch, who had been found out for running a secret docket for years in January of 2015.

Former federal prosecutor Sidney Powell looked into the secret docket and asked the Supreme Court to review the case involving Loretta Lynch, her predecessors, and her prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York.

Powell wrote:

“… courageous lawyers are asking the Supreme Court to review a case that reveals how Ms. Lynch, her predecessors, and her prosecutors in the Eastern District of New York put cases on a secret docket that has allowed admitted criminals to walk free, deprived their victims of millions of dollars of restitution required under the law, and enabled the criminals to commit more crimes against the unsuspecting public.” 

Powell further explained the major ethical issues with allowing prosecutors to go on in this lawlessness with no accountability.

“At stake is far more than the issue of restitution of hundreds of millions of stolen dollars. There is a fundamental failure of the Department of Justice to protect innocent citizens from known criminals in a massive secret star-chamber for which there is no review or means of accountability. It is more government lawlessness and making its own rules as it goes— an unsupervised ‘cooperator game’ at immeasurable cost to justice, faith and trust in the fairness of our system.” 

The case involving Loretta Lynch, while she was under consideration to become Attorney General, was entered as Palmer v. John Doe, #14-676.

The defendant was Felix Stater, one of the names on Lynch’s secret docket.

Paul Cassell, a law professor at the University of Utah explained what Loretta Lynch was doing by keeping a secret docket and how it helped Felix Stater:

“The U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of New York, never told victims in a major stock fraud case that a culprit [Felix Sater] had been sentenced — denying them a chance to seek restitution of some $40 million in losses.” 

Mr. Cassell said to a House Judiciary Committee Panel in a written statement in 2013 that the practice of using secretive sentencing procedures to reward the criminals who cooperate with them violates the Crime Victims Restitution Act.

“Every day that the office withholds notice from the victims in this case about the continuing proceedings that are occurring in this case is a day in which the office is violating the CVRA,” he wrote.

The Judiciary Committee admitted that they never followed up with Loretta Lynch’s office and in the end she moved on to become Attorney General where we have witnessed the most corrupt Justice Department emerge from.

Sidney Powell:

The petition [to the Supreme Court] reveals that prosecutors have a terrifying set of double standards and secret deals—one for “cooperators” and one for those who decline to cooperate. The cooperators in the cases on the secret docket are allowed to plead guilty and to go about their lives with virtual immunity for any crimes they continue to commit—and commit them they do. It’s one thing for a prosecutor to make a deal with a cooperator. It’s another thing for the deal to be a complete secret for years that enables the cooperator to resume his criminal conduct—not only licensed but protected by the government.

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William G Munson March 5, 2021
| |
All of these people should be brought before a Grand Jury to much of this has been going on for years and getting Rich too lets get the Ball Rolling Now
Hank Bradley March 2, 2021
| |
If we, meaning "we the people," of this country knew what was really going on there would be unstoppable and massive rebellion
Dennis L Ruffin March 2, 2021
| |
Lynch is just another affirmative action failure. No surprise, of course.
JIM March 2, 2021
| |
Is anyone keeping track of all the billions and millions of dollars the democrats have paid out to crooked agents since right before Obama was elected.
Gerald S Ladd March 2, 2021
| |
Another one that SHOULD be rotting in jail, instead of being paid by taxpayers.
Blanche Knuckles March 20, 2019
| |
I hope every lying political criminal is found and swings from their crimes. I do not care who, are what they are. The DOJ, has been making a mockery of our Justice system. IT IS TOO ME FOR OUR LAWS.TO BE ENFORCED FOR EVERYONE TO FOLLOW!THOSE WHO GIVE FALSE TESTIMONY AGAINST OUR PRESIDENT SHOULD SERVE A LIFE SENTENCE IN PRISON (& I am not talking about a moderate country club atmosphere!