Video: Hot GOP Rep Destroys Liberals After They Attack Her For Having This Behind Her!



If you haven’t heard of U.S. Rep. Lauren Boebert, R-Colo. yet- you will! She is the democrat’s worst nightmare! We love this woman and you will too! 

Not to put down a person’s appearance but look at the so-called ‘SQUAD.’ UGLY AS HELL! ????

Ms. Boebert loves guns and will fight tooth and nail to see to it that Americans will keep their 2nd Amendment rights intact. HELL YEAH!

Democrats hate this woman. I love this woman!

Boebert, responded Thursday night after a California Democrat accused her earlier in the day of having a “gun fetish” because some weapons were visible on a shelf inside her home during a Zoom call with other lawmakers, Fox Newsreports.

During an appearance on “Fox News @ Night,” Boebert called scumbag Democrat U.S. Rep. Jared Huffman a creep and claimed his “disdain for the Constitution was on full display.”

“Rather than having a productive debate about policy … Democrats were too busy mocking the Constitution and disrespecting the everyday Americans that I was elected to represent,” Boebert told Fox News’ Mike Emanuel.

The democrats, under the Biden and Harris administration, have been emboldened due to Biden’s executive orders.  Instead of focusing on how to help bring peace and unity to our nation and the citizens, they have chose to show their true colors as they egotistically lash out and make demands.

Fox News continued,

“This was my first committee hearing and the chairman couldn’t stop attacking, degrading, and insulting committee members,” she continued. “I am busy fighting against the left’s real fetish for power and stripping Americans of their constitutional rights.”

Boebert also addressed a Twitter post by California Democrat Katie Porter, who wrote about Boebert’s gun display: “I always thought my dirty dishes piled up and accumulating bacteria were the most dangerous thing in a Zoom background.”

Boebert fired back- “It’s kind of alarming that she has so many dishes in her sink collecting bacteria,” Boebert responded. “Do your dishes, Hon.”

You gotta love it! ????

The first amendment is being eroded and citizens can no longer express their thoughts and beliefs without retribution.  Simply because the few, cancel culture crybabies, get their little feelings hurt then demand the rest of the world bow to their temper tantrums.

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Janie February 21, 2021
| |
I appreciate the information you provide, but you really need to have someone proof your emails. I have seen other examples but today the error was “they have chose” when the correct wording should be “they have chosen.” If you want to remain being a reputable news source, things like this are important.
Brook February 20, 2021
| |
Whew...Lookin’ good Mom...????????
Beartrap February 20, 2021
| |
She is on her way to being an outstanding congresswoman. Wish we had many just like her in California.
poggy February 20, 2021
| |
Sounds like v.p. material to me.
Rick February 20, 2021
| |
Go Lauren - time to stand up to these creampuffs.