August 11, 2022

Rabid Trump Hater Flips Her S***, Makes Total Fool Of Herself

Hate-filled journalist from the LA Times calls her neighbors “terrorists” after they cleared her driveway fo0r free after a snow storm. Virginia Heffernan, a name that5 n liberalese means POS, called her neighbors who cleared her driveway after a snowstorm terrorists even after admitting they did a great job. But you must understand, she’s a propagandist and all propagandists lie. It’s just what they do.

Heffernan even trashed the police for good measure.
Via The LA Times:

Oh, heck no. The Trumpites next door to our pandemic getaway, who seem as devoted to the ex-president as you can get without being Q fans, just plowed our driveway without being asked and did a great job.

How am I going to resist demands for unity in the face of this act of aggressive niceness?

Of course, on some level, I realize I owe them thanks — and, man, it really looks like the guy back-dragged the driveway like a pro — but how much thanks?

These neighbors are staunch partisans of blue lives, and there aren’t a lot of anything other than white lives in neighborhood.

This is also kind of weird. Back in the city, people don’t sweep other people’s walkways for nothing.

Maybe it’s like what Eddie Murphy discovered in that old “Saturday Night Live” sketch “White Like Me.” He goes undercover in white makeup and finds that when white people are among their own, they pop free champagne and live the high life. As Murphy puts it: “Slowly I began to realize that when white people are alone, they give things to each other. For free.”

Hezbollah, the Shiite Islamist political party in Lebanon, also gives things away for free. The favors Hezbollah does for people in the cities Tyre and Sidon probably don’t involve snowplows, but, like other mafias, Hezbollah tends to its own — the Shiite sick, elderly and hungry. They offer protection and hospitality and win loyalty that way. And they also demand devotion to their brutal, us-versus-them anti-Sunni cause. Some of us are family, the favors say; the rest are infidels.

This must have been what Germans were saying about their Jewish neighbors in the 1930’s after they did an unsolicited nice deed for them …

Jack Jones February 8, 2021
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"These neighbors are staunch partisans of blue lives, and there aren’t a lot of anything other than white lives in neighborhood." This, and the picture of her "pandemic getaway", show what a big hypocrite she is as well. She supports minorities, then moves to a "white enclave" when the SHTF. Typical.