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Joy Behar Says Trump Supporters Not Worthy, Must Remove US Flag Lapel Pins


ICYMI … Remember This? … Joy Behar, the alt-left socialist co-host of  “The View” on Monday morning demanded that Republican lawmakers that support President Trump – in any way – take off their American flag pins immediately.

Behar while speaking with panel guest Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Tex.) on Trump’s use of Twitter said that it was not enough to criticize the president’s “character flaws.”

She went on to accuse the president of being “unpatriotic” and called on any Republicans who stand by him to remove their flag pins.

“I support his policy agenda … We can have multiple ideas in our head at the same time, right? And I don’t have to try and defend his character flaws,” said Crenshaw.

“You don’t have to insult and you don’t have to make disingenuous attempts to undermine character,” he continued.

“The president isn’t listening to you, though,” one panelist interjected.

“Nobody is,” said Crenshaw, laughing. “I’m not sure anybody is these days.”

“I’m not going to pretend it’s gotten better,” he went on. “But if we can all be part of the solution, I think—and then, again, that’s a low bar. Just don’t insult each other. But if you look at any member of Congress’s Twitter feed, all it is is insults.”

Behar then chimed in.

“It isn’t just that. Let’s talk about, you know, the fact that he met with Putin for 90 minutes… and never once brought up the fact that Russia, Russia interfered in our election,” she said. “And he never brought it up. How is it that the Republican Party, your colleagues, can stand by this man when he is involved in this way with Russia?”

Behar went on, “I said last week I don’t want to see any of those flag pins anymore on Republicans who don’t stand up against this guy for Russian meddling, and other things that he’s done. It seems as though he’s unpatriotic. What do you say to that?”

Crenshaw defended President Trump, saying, “I think we’re overstating it. And first of all, that meeting had to do with Venezuela,” referring to a phone call with Putin on Friday regarding the strategic stability in the South American country.

“I will give you this. The president has a bad habit of repeating what Putin says to the public,” he conceded. “He shouldn’t do that. But he also has a pretty good habit of taking actions and putting policies in place that are vehemently counter-Russia.”

It’s time The View is cancelled, enough is ENOUGH.

About Jack Crane

Jack Crane has been a writer and journalist for over 17 years. He has volunteered around the world with humanitarian projects and has several books and memoirs partially written, and hopes to finish them all some day.

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Oldwolf February 13, 2021
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I am just sitting here waiting for one to get tired of this c#nt run her mouth and shuts her up for good . Shes a ugly person and had no real reason to be here I gods world . Along with most Hollywood so called elites and the delusional democrat party members . All are just to damn ugly inside to serve any real purposes in life . They sold their soul's to the devil at the cross roads of their life's goddhave mercy on them .
dawn C February 13, 2021
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Who the Flock is this Joy Behar, who the he!! made her judge, jury and executioner. She does not know me.. What, does she want me to put a "Yellow Star on my lapel so she can separate me (like the Nazi's did?) I am so sick and tired of spoiled rotten 6 figure earners that do not know their arse from their elbow and think they can dictate and judge... Why is she even allowed to bloviate her hatred daily? Why do we even put up with this??? She has her facts all wrong and is filled with hatred propaganda, and Dan did us no favors here either, he was rather placating I think! Amazing how they speak of "Trump's Language" and behavior, have ya listened to theirs lately?
SEABEETOM February 13, 2021
| |
Hey joy, I remove the flag pin when you get the balls to rip it off.
BR February 12, 2021
| |
BR February 12, 2021
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Who died and left the stupid loudmouth Joy in charge?? She needs to shut her mouth and mind her own business since she doesn't know what she is talking about!! \
Harold February 12, 2021
| |
Maxie Waters has been voted the most corrupt Politian in the government, Enough said. As far as the view is concerned , I don't have a TV, because of all the trash that is on it now days, but if I did I definitely wouldn't watch the View! I don't have time to watch ignorant trash!
eugen February 12, 2021
| |
joy behar is the most ignorant women alive. she hates everything this country stands for. hates our military.she is a idiot, who watches these demented women?? whoopi goldberg is another america hater.why do we have shows like this?? no wonder people are braindead watching this racist stuff.
Elsie February 12, 2021
| |
Behar is a huge , big mouthed Bit&8. Who the hell does this old botoxed, 80 y/o hag think she is? She needs a Hammer and Cycle tattooed on her face lifted cheek. I will wear as many American Flag pins as I want,and carry the Flag, and the TRUMP flag. She can take a big kiss of my very Conservative Red white and blue ass.
JIM February 12, 2021
| |
She is ugly enough and stupid enough to lead the democrat party.
MamaJ February 12, 2021
| |
She can try to take them...
joev February 12, 2021
| |
Well la-de-da! Joy Behar is another bloviator of hatred of Trump and his supporters so I guess we all should bow to this pathetic talk show host. ????
JC February 12, 2021
| |
Joy Behar is a disgrace to her network. How can they continue to have such trash on The View when everyone knows she is such an ugly personality and dripping with aggravation of the gut!
Phil February 12, 2021
| |
Joy Behar needs to sport a sickl/hammer pin. THAT's what SHE and her dear leader obamao, pelosi, biden, harris and hillary are.
bobbie February 12, 2021
| |
Why don't you come and TRY TO REMOVE MINE, Miss joy!!!!
Dorothy February 12, 2021
| |
Joy read the book Spygate and see how the Democrats made up the whole Russian story so Hillary wouldn't be investigated about missing emails.
Joe February 12, 2021
| |
Piss on you ya old bat.
Jim Doherty February 11, 2021
| |
Can't they make Joy Behar take early retirement? She is sounding like Maxine Waters. I believe many of her remarks are made simply to generate an audience reaction.
DRLJR February 11, 2021
| |
Who is this Joy Behar character? :-) Another one of the mentally challenged people who have no understanding of real life. I would rather hang around with people with "Downs Syndrome" and other real issues. They at least have integrity and justification for things they don't understand and mess up.
Charlie September 12, 2019
| |
Joy needs to be removed from the United States ASAP she’s not wanted hear she talks through her ass a bunch of shit!!!!
Dianne May 20, 2019
| |
Another dictorial statement from dum-ass behar
Brent Davis May 20, 2019
| |
Joy Behar is probably one of the last people in our country I would listen to. What is her resume? High school teacher? No real accomplishments...she speaks w/ no true facts to back up her dumb remarks
Don McCarty Jr May 7, 2019
| |
joy behar wth makes you so relevant that you can demand that we Americans take off our flag pins that we wear as Americans and Patriots that are proud of our Country, unlike your unpatriotic liberal commie loudmouth ass!