Trump Digs Up Old Footage of Obama& His Legacy Goes Down in Flames The Moment He Releases It


ICYMI, It’s still just as relevant today. Opinion|

Perhaps one of the largest issues we are noticing leading up to the quickly approaching elections is the way the Democratic Party has been welcoming illegal immigrants into the country, more than likely as a way of gaining votes, less likely because of their “compassion” for others.

Why didn’t the GOP just take this old clip of former President Barack Obama and turn it into a Midterm ad?

It would have been the perfect message to inspire Republicans to get out there and vote Red.

The message says, “Border security is of the utmost importance to United States national and economic security.”

And according to Obama, Democrats feel the same way as Republicans about border security.

Conservative Tribune writes that the message proves that “Democrats are hypocritical cowards who cannot stand for what is right for the American people over their own desire for power and control.”

President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign manager, Brad Parscale, sent out a tweet on Monday which included this shocking video clip:

Former President Barack Obama can be seen talking in the clip, while a senator from Illinois, says: “I think we should have strong border security.

It doesn’t make sense for us to allow hundreds of thousands of people coming to our borders without us knowing who they are.”

“Oftentimes in very hazardous situations and unmonitored situations that could do us long term damage,” Obama states.

Take a look at another video of Obama relaying the same exact message:

“We simply cannot allow people to pour into the United States undetected, undocumented, unchecked and circumventing the line of people who are waiting patiently, diligently and lawfully to become immigrants in this country,” Obama states in the clip.

This is a very smart idea, and honestly Obama could technically take credit for being the very first President to come up with stronger border security.

It’s not like he hasn’t tried to take credit for Trump’s economy…

In September, The New York Times reported that the former president stated that the economic turn originated during his time in office.

“When you hear how great the economy’s doing right now, let’s just remember when this recovery started.

When you hear about this economic miracle that’s been going on, when the job numbers come out, monthly job numbers, suddenly Republicans are saying it’s a miracle,” Obama stated.

He went on, “I have to kind of remind them, actually, those job numbers are the same as they were in 2015 and 2016.”

Now take a look at Obama talking about immigrant children who were sent to cross the U.S. border alone, without their parents. This interview was conducted while Obama was still in office:

The GOP should have ran these clips as campaign ads! Maybe next time.

About Jack Crane

Jack Crane has been a writer and journalist for over 17 years. He has volunteered around the world with humanitarian projects and has several books and memoirs partially written, and hopes to finish them all some day.

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PC February 16, 2021
| |
I do not accept emails if you have questions post them here. please feel free to fact check any thing I post. Frankly I am pretty darn tired of the incompetence in government officials posting lies and misrepresentation of what the constitution and the laws say. Fact if it is not written it does not exist and can not be construed to exist. if it is written it must be enforced as written. Democrap love to quote the constitution very rarely correctly. I studied law 18 hours a day seven days a week for three years primarily to represent myself. I do not have a law degree. a superior court judge insisted I take the states Bar exams. We need people that know the law as well as you do he said. that was after he had to write a letter of public apology for his being wrong in what the law in question actually said. the military IG schooled me on immigration law. I had to get the German government's permission to leave Germany with my child.
PC February 16, 2021
| |
an interesting immigration point. The Constitution of Mexico forbids the Mexican people to relinquish their citizenship. Therefore No Mexican national can become a naturalized American citizen because dual citizenship in the US is forbidden by law. Another interesting Constitutional point Is found at Article one section nine item three. No Ex Post Facto Law shall be passed. any change to the immigration law can have no effect before the law is changed. The change will only effect those after the new law is law. You think we have immigration problems now wait until the existing immigration law is enforced correctly as written. your friendly democrap neighbors will be spitting nails.
PC February 16, 2021
| |
If any one is interested they might want to read the immigration laws of 1952. Be it known the USA is one of only four nations where dual citizenship is illegal and not permitted. Fact. I was in the military and my first born child was born in Germany. Because she took her first breath in Germany she had natural born status as a German citizen. Because she had two natural born citizen parent from the USA and I was on Active duty she also had natural born US citizenship. At age 11 years she was required to make a choice as to which country she would choose to be a citizen of and take the oath of allegiance. Immigration law is complicated. dual citizenship is never recognized after age eleven. there are several elected officials that are in fact illegal aliens. If you are a natural born citizen of the united states and you become a citizen of another country your US citizenship is void. If you are born on American soil You must have at least on legal citizen parent to have citizenship at birth. Citizenship is passed from parent to child. Green Card holder are not yet legal citizens for passing citizenship to their posterity (children) If you are born on American soil and do not have a legal citizen parent your status is that of a foreign national born abroad. A birth Certificate is a legal document stating where you were born and whom your parents are. it is not certification of citizenship. Read the Preamble to the constitution. It states we do ordain and establish this constitution for our selves and our posterity (future generations of the first and legal citizens). In the Constitution at the time it was ratified it required Congress to create immigration laws starting in the year 1808 (specifically written 1808) simply being born n American soil is not natural born citizenship.
PC February 16, 2021
| |
If there is some one in DC with the name of Feinstein You might want to investigate their mining interests. gold mine leases to China?
Matt February 14, 2021
| |
Republicans are useless without Trump. They always were. A body cannot stand without a spine.
Paul Lamothe February 14, 2021
| |
Two-Face Bastard!
Michelle Viala February 14, 2021
| |
The republicans need to keep bringing these types of clips up whenever biden opens his stupid trap