Rashida Tlaib Invokes “Islamic War Cry” in Speech … “We Always Said The Muslims Are Coming … I Think We’re Here”


ICYMI| Far-left Democratic Michigan Muslim Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib stood in front of an audience in Chicago last month to give a speech in which she declared victory over the United States.

However the speech, which Tlaib was giving to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), only began making its way around social media this week.

The Gateway Pundit reports, “Congresswoman Tlaib was introduced by Executive Director of CAIR’s Florida chapter, Hassan Shibly — Shibly invoked the Islamic war cry as he introduced her.”

“Allahu Akbar! The first Palestinian-American Muslim Congresswoman, our dear sister Rashida Tlaib!” Hassan Shibly stated.

As she made her way up onto the stage to give her speech, Congresswoman Tlaib did something shocking. She leaned to the microphone and stated, “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim!” Translated, this literally means, “In the name of Allah, the merciful, the compassionate.”

According to The Gateway Pundit “Bismillah al-Rahman al-Rahim!” is the “Islamic War Cry.”

The Gateway Pundit explains that this is the very phrase that “begins every chapter in the Quran except one and is seen as a Muslim war cry. In fact, this is the very same phrase Bowe Bergdahl’s father said in front of the White House in 2014 after Obama traded Taliban terrorists in exchange for traitor Bergdahl.”

Then, the Democratic Congresswoman declared victory over the United States.

“‘We always said ‘the Muslims are coming’… I think we’re here!” Tlaib exclaimed as the audience cheered.

“We’re not only everywhere in all kinds of different governments but, mashallah, we’re in the United States Congress,” she continued.

Take a look:

Recall back to January when the Gateway Pundit reported that Congresswoman Tlaib invoked the “Muslim war cry” of Allah while speaking at a CAIR reception not long after she was officially sworn into Congress… using a Quran.

The Gateway Pundit reports:

Democrat Palestinian-American Rashida Tlaib was draped in a Palestinian flag as she celebrated her primary victory with supporters in August.

Video taken of Tlaib’s victory speech for the August 7th primary showed an emotional Tlaib being embraced by her Palestinian mother,Fatima Elabed, who took the flag off her daughter and draped it on her own shoulders.

No American flag was seen in video taken of Tlaib’s speech in August.

Tlaib also went on a profane impeachment tirade the day she was sworn into office on a Quran, calling President Trump a “motherf*cker!”

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Larry March 2, 2021
| |
Rashida Tlaib needs a raw corn cobb stuck in that big foul mouth and she will be the first to die in her WAR
Ira Lancon February 26, 2021
| |
The worst disease to come to America.
Cactus Joe February 26, 2021
| |
Islam is a r3eligion we do not need in this country, whose war cry is kill the infidels.
Desert Dweller February 26, 2021
| |
Ratshyt Tlaib.....ok bitch, its time to play "cowboys and muslims"!
DavidRN February 26, 2021
| |
"We will be your friends until we are strong enough to be your enemies". ~ Muslim Proverb
Jim February 26, 2021
| |
She needs to be removed from the Congress, and sent to Palestine.
ox February 26, 2021
| |
Tlaib shouldn't count her chickens before the hatch. Tlaib and Omar preach to their constituents how they plan on turning America into a Muslim country. That will never happen. It won't be like Lebanon where the Muslims chased the Christians out. We are not going anywhere
Don February 26, 2021
| |
She came here from another country to tell us how to live OUR lives? I don't think so -itch. She needs to be deported.
JIM February 26, 2021
| |
She is proof that beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes real deep.
Recce1 February 26, 2021
| |
If going up to speak to the stage to speak to a group of Evangelical Christians I said,In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, tank you almighty God, would that be reprehensible? Mind you, I'm not going to say anything about which "god" I believe the Muslims worship, but just was really wrong with her belief in her "god"?
Jenna October 18, 2019
| |
This is what Democrats & the DNC have seeded and stand with, terrorist extremism! Simple name calling does little good, more important to be educated and educate others, then oppose these disgraceful movements of hatefulness, radical beliefs, Anti-Freedom, Anti-American and Anti-life!
Sarah October 17, 2019
| |
To me, these are remarks of treason...She does not understand the American people. She does not understand our principles of democracy and she does not understand or know the the one and only true God or the promise of salvation through Jesus Christ. The Muslims have stepped on holy ground...
Hal Lemoyne October 15, 2019
| |
Hey tlaib Don't thing that your war cry is going to be successful I promise you as a proud US veteran a proud US citizen this war you pushing will end up in your face close up & personal and you will reap your own destructive consequences that's a personal promise so if you want hurt yourself in your own demise then it a comin more immediately than you think for I am NOT AFRAID of islamic terrorist which you are tlaib omar and all the rest of you muslims whom need to believe that you have so much power over every US citizen in my USofA you terrorist muslim will be blown away with of Us US citizens when start defending our USofA in ways you never intented to acknowledge your new home will be creamating you back to hell ?❤?TRUMPence2020?❤? successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly Amen & Amen!!!
Mardene October 14, 2019
| |
Why doesn't Facebook refuse to post her HATE? Shes a western Hating Muslim. This is NOT part or ever should be in our GOVERNMENT
Kraig Dunehew June 13, 2019
| |
I'm buying more ammo.
Janice June 9, 2019
| |
And people want Trump impeached? Yet these traitors are in the government. Get rid of them!
Kristen May 27, 2019
| |
No worries, as she so eloquently states her little story: "if you stand still by the river long enough, your enemies dead bodies will float on by.." She should beware her words are not a self prophetic.
JIM COOK May 27, 2019
| |
This so-called lady has been ant-AMERICAN since day one, there must be a law to get her out of AMERICAN POLITICS and maybe even out of AMERICA while your at it, she is the ENEMY WITHIN OUR COUNTRY. Anyone who does not use the CHRISTAN BIBLE to take their oath of office shall be considered NOT TO HAVE BEEN SWORN INTO SAID OFFICE. GOD BLESS AMERICA, ONE NATION UNDER GOD.
Teresa May 6, 2019
| |
I want cair out of this country as well as muslim brotherhood i also want obama tried for treason and executed.
John R. Pyles III May 6, 2019
| |
and she's a democrat princess to boot, she needs to be shall I say given a lead injection for her treasonous actions. and at least thrown out of congress for lying to get in!