Jimmy Kimmel Be Cancelled? Fans Furious After N Word, Underage Sex Jokes & More …



The cancel culture, started by liberals, has once again claimed one of its own in the form of late night television host Jimmy Kimmel.

The outrage started on Tuesday when a video clip of Kimmel interviewing actress Megan Fox resurfaced on Twitter.

It was a 2009 clip from “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” in which the actress, now 34, told a story about when she was cast as an extra in “Bad Boys II” right after her 15th birthday.

“They were shooting this club scene, and they brought me in, and I was wearing a stars-and-stripes bikini and a red cowboy hat and, like, six-inch heels. And he [Michael] approved it,” she said.

“They said, ‘You know, Michael, she’s 15, so you can’t sit her at the bar and she can’t have a drink in her hand.’

“So his solution to that problem was to then have me dancing underneath a waterfall, getting soaking wet, at 15. I was in 10th grade. That’s sort of a microcosm of how Bay’s mind works,” she said.

“Well, that’s really a microcosm of how all our minds work. Some of us have the decency to repress those thoughts and pretend that they don’t exist,” Kimmel quipped.

But Fox defended both Bay and Kimmel is a statement in which she said there were far worse people in Hollywood, Us Weekly reported.

“While I greatly appreciate the outpouring of support, I do feel I need to clarify some of the details as they have been lost in the retelling of the events and cast a sinister shadow that doesn’t really, in my opinion, belong. At least not where it’s currently being projected,” Fox said.

“I was around 15 or 16 years old when I was an extra in Bad Boys II. There are multiple interviews where I shared the anecdote of being chosen for the scene and the conversations that took place surrounding it,” she said.

“It’s important to note however that when I auditioned for Transformers I was 19 or 20. I did ‘work’ (me pretending to know how to hold a wrench) on one of Michael’s Ferrari’s during one of the audition scenes. It was at the Platinum Dunes studio parking lot, there were several other crew members and employees present and I was at no point undressed or anything similar,” the star said.

“Please hear me when I thank you for your support. But these specific instances were inconsequential in a long and arduous journey along which I have endured some genuinely harrowing experiences in a ruthlessly misogynistic industry,” she said.

“There are many names that deserve to be going viral in cancel culture right now, but they are safely stored in the fragmented recesses of my heart.”

This controversy came days after Fox News shared audio of Kimmel admitting to using the N word in 1996, during a 2013 podcast, The Daily Mail reported.

In the song, Kimmel can be heard  rapping: ‘Me and my n***er down in LBC, we’ll smoke that motherf***er Christmas tree.’

The track includes the racial slur several times, including ‘fat n***er in a sleigh giving sh*t away’ and also ‘n***er in the manger.’ 

Liner notes from the cassette, which was also obtained by Fox, showed the track was co-produced by ‘Jim Kimmel’ and Kimmel also appeared on the album cover. 

In the same interview, Kimmel impersonated black comedian George Wallace’s voice. 

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RickJames68 February 17, 2021
| |
I don’t know how Jinny made it. He is dry and very, very plain. There is no charisma to speak of. He’s all about his opinion. Like I said I don’t understand how he made it..... Plus I always find it amusing that someone who makes millions of dollars wants to tell us how to live, vote,etc. He’s out of touch bout he’s right! Just ask him.....
Skeptical February 17, 2021
| |
It is soooo great when Libtards fall on their own with knives out.
Babsan February 17, 2021
| |
Great job by the Cancel Culture loons.Eat your own when you don't have a conservative at hand at the moment
ABU TOM February 17, 2021
| |
Reagan Goldwater February 16, 2021
| |
He will not be cancelled because he has sold his soul to the left. This will pass quickly and will be soon forgotten. Remember, Kimmel is a whiny, sniveling, hand-wringing, terrorist supporting, American hating, environmental wacko, obama care nut job, hate America first, brain dead liberal loser morn. He is safe.
John February 16, 2021
| |
Cancelation....the sooner the better!!
D displayguy February 16, 2021
| |
I don't care what your political affiliation is, this piece of feces has no business on television. He is so not entertaining, and just generally worthless.