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Corey Booker Doubles Down, Tells Americans Their Days Of Eating Meat Are Numbered


Opinion| New Jersey Democratic Senator Cory Booker stood in front of a group of supporters in the state of Iowa, telling them that the Green New Deal is similar to fighting World War II.

Yes, he really said that. Take a look:

The New Jersey Democrat is a vocal vegan and claims that our country’s current habit of consuming meat in mass quantities cannot continue to happen.

The millions of American meat-eaters aren’t going to be happy with Booker’s unwarranted comments.

Booker sat down for an interview with VegNews, who describes the New Jersey Senator as the first African-American United States Senator from the state, for an interview.

When asked by VegNews about going vegan, Booker stated, “I think my journey started in 1992. I was just coming off from playing varsity football for Stanford, about to start to play varsity basketball for Oxford, and I really believed what Gandhi titled his autobiography, The Story of My Experiments with Truth. So, I tried to experiment with his vegetarian diet and see how I felt. And my body just took off; it was like somebody lifted off a twenty-pound weighted vest. My sleep patterns got better, I felt more energy, better recovery after workouts. I was like, “Oh my gosh, I will never go back to eating meat. I started becoming a vegetarian, but then, it made me insanely curious, like why is my body reacting this way?

I just started reading about health and fitness. I found the data that began to reaffirm my vegetarianism. In fact, it led me to more about our environment and cruelty to animals. I began saying I was a vegetarian because, for me, it was the best way to live in accordance to the ideals and values that I have. My veganism started then. I started to cut back on milk and dairy, which includes cheese. I always felt like giving it up cold turkey was going to be too hard for me, but eventually, you know, twenty years later, I remember eating eggs and it was almost like my conditioning had changed. I think so many of our likes and dislikes are childhood memories or family traditions, and you associate the foods you’re eating often with such good emotions—but now, suddenly, eating those eggs for me was something that didn’t align with my spirit, and I could feel it.

I finally just made a decision that I was going to become vegan. I remember my last non-vegan meal was Election Day, November 2014.”

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Jerry VanHolden February 5, 2021
| |
Just beware that Booker might be next on the menu should farm animals and wildlife not be available. He'd probably be just simmered a bit and not cooked thoroughly, for I'm sure he'd like to be present in mind, body and soul while being consumed...
FEDUP365 February 4, 2021
| |
Then go ahead and try to make us all vegans, we will have more ammo to protect ourselves from tyrants in DC, see how you like eating lead MF'er
Penny Williams February 4, 2021
| |
If Booker wants to be a Vegan he can, but I enjoy a good hamburger and always will. Who does he think he is telling Americans that their days of eating meat are numbered!!! Maybe as a Vegan his good days are past and his days are numbered as a Vegam!!!!Enjoy a HAMBURGER!
Jesse February 4, 2021
| |
Booker being a Vegan now makes sense. Vegan burgers are SUPER HIGH in Estrogen and that kills Testosterone so Booker is prepping himself for a Sex change by eating vegan. NO THANK YOU. Booker and his pals in the Democrapic Party can eat whatever they please I will eat as I want. If he wants to take my meat from me I say come get it but it won’t be food he gets it will be a face full of bird shot and that goes for anyone trying to take what is mine.
Tom February 3, 2021
| |
Corey, your days walking free on this planet are very numbered. Corrupt criminal tyrants days are numbered.
Tom February 3, 2021
| |
I'll tell you what you can eat cory, EAT SHIT. How dare these elite acting pos scum even try to push this BS climate crap on everyone else. Find any honest astrophysicist who's not working for grant money and they will dispute the entire narative of this man caused climate change fallacy. It just isnt truth. Check my link to see how idiotic these climate morons are and the completely ignorant models they use to push a lie on us all.
bernard February 3, 2021
| |
Booker has lost his last marble.
Barbara February 3, 2021
| |
Radar (Radar) Moen February 3, 2021
| |
Another idio9t talking out his asshole.
Hank February 3, 2021
| |
Booker is a complete Dumbass! If you don't believe me just ask his imaginary friend who lives on the streets in Camden...
Eddie Carr February 3, 2021
| |
What an egg head, you will not tell me what to eat. Cory.
Sandra Lee Smith February 3, 2021
| |
Better NOT be! Meat is an ESSENTIAL part of human diets, since Noah's flood. God Himselfcommanded us to eat it; it's no man's place to countermand that!
Wayne Frazier February 3, 2021
| |
Another dumbass demurat idiot where do these stupids pop up from an stupid people vote them in
Stephen LaBue February 3, 2021
| |
Well Mr. Booker, that is what freedom is all about. You made a choice that suited you and made you happy. Life Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, Now that you have become a power puppet, you want to take those freedoms away from other people. A very bad Liberal philosophy.
Vince February 3, 2021
| |
What a stupid A$$ FOOL how arrogant can one FOOL be to think he can tell all Americans they CAN NOT EAT MEAT....that has to be one of the studied things that came from a demorats mouth..
Trax September 14, 2020
| |
Thanks! And thanks for sharing your great posts every week!