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Breaking: Democrat’s F*** Up! Cause Their Impeachment Case To Collapse!


It seems pretty obvious to me that holding an impeachment trial in the United States Senate for a private citizen is clearly unconstitutional.  The establishment has one goal: prevent Donald Trump from ever being able to be President again.

While I think Trump did a lot of good things, I don’t think that Trump understood just how bad things were, just how evil the establishment is or just how murky the swamp was until he was almost done with his first term.

Now that Trump understand that ‘business’ in DC is cutthroat and that those who oppose him have quite literally sold their souls for their power and influence and have 0 allegiance to any nationstate, all they care about is the money, power and influence.

A second Trump presidency would be the most dangerous thing that the CCP and their assets in the USG could ever imagine … a truly WOKE president, who understands that he has no friends in Washington, all the grifters like Lindsey Graham only got close to him so that they could stick his knife into Trump. deeper, and twist the blade.

Luckily for Trump the Democrats’ ‘impeachment managers’ are complete inept, lying, hacks who fabricate evidence and destroyed their own case … Famed law professor Johnathan Turley explains

In an exclusive Op-Ed for Fox News, Turley explains:

‘At the end of its first day of argument, the Senate impeachment trial was thrown into chaos when a “juror” stood up like a scene out of Perry Mason to contest the veracity statements made by “prosecutors.”

That moment came as the Senate was preparing to end for the day. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, jumped to his feet to object that a quote by House manager Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., was false. Lee should know. They were purportedly his words. 

After a frenzy on the floor and a delay of proceedings, lead House manager Rep. Jamie Raskin, D-Md., announced that they would withdraw Cicilline’s statements and that “this is much ado about nothing, because it’s not critical in anyway to our case.”

In reality, it had much to do about the manager’s case and highlights a glaring problem in it.

The House has elected to try this case of incitement of insurrection largely on circumstantial evidence and using media reports rather than witness testimony. It is trial by innuendo and implication rather than direct evidence of what former President Donald Trump knew and intended on Jan. 6.

Raskin added, “So we’re happy to withdraw it on the grounds that it is not true and we are going to withdraw it this evening without any prejudice to the ability to resubmit if possible and then we could debate it if we need it.” It is not clear if the House will contest Lee’s point further on the second day of argument.

Lee was aggrieved by Cicilline quoting him as to what Trump said in a cellphone conversation with Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., on Jan. 6. Trump mistakenly called Lee, who handed over the phone to his colleague. 

Here is what Cicilline said in part: “Sen. Lee described it … Sen. Lee then confirmed that he stood by as Sen. Tuberville and President Trump spoke on the phone. And on that call, Donald Trump reportedly asked Sen. Tuberville to make additional objections to the certification process.”

That does not appear to true if the suggestion is that Lee confirmed the content of the call in the article.

The source for the House managers was a story in Deseret News that only describes the miscall and awkward moment before Lee grabbed back his phone. Tuberville stated that he did not remember much of the brief call, but the article also states that Lee told the newspaper that when “Lee said when he later asked Tuberville about the conversation, he got the impression that Trump didn’t know about the chaos going on in the Senate chamber.”

The House managers left out that part, which directly contradicts its narrative that Trump knew about the riot and was relishing it as he was calling to further delay the electoral certification. If true, the House’s timeline argument would lose coherence, if not collapse entirely.”

Game. Set. Match.

Congrats Democrats, you just emboldened support from Trump, distrust in your party and in the RINOs, and … the media (who has not had credibility since … well, at the very least since JFK’s head exploded on national TV.)

Trump’s life is in danger, perhaps now more than ever, if the Democrats and their bitches in the GOP fail to … ‘remove’ Tump from the office he doesn’t currently occupy.  This was a huge tactile error that only makes the rational American people trust them LESS … if that is even possible

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Marcia February 12, 2021
| |
This is a farce of a trial and an attempt to stop Trump.. All dumboRATS need to be charged for all their corrupt dealings that includes that braindead thing Biden and Harris
san Waechter February 12, 2021
| |
SilverRascal February 12, 2021
| |
Raskin's rather high ability for word wizardry does not delineate or excuse his obtuse and twisted use of the facts. As for the beginning of this article there was nothing said we did not already know. The entire proceeding of this farce of an impeachment is far worse than any Kabuki theater could ever hope to be. These democrat power hunger wannabe's are a complete joke.