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AYFKM!? ‘The View’s’ Behar Actually Suggests Forcing Every Student To Do WHAT Over COVID?!


Yes, I know Joy Behar is smarter than I am but you have to understand that I am at a disadvantage. I didn’t have the opportunity to spend seven years in high school as she did.

Even so, her plan for schools in the United States makes as much sense as holding a Weight Watchers meeting at Chucky Cheese. She wants the students and the teachers to redo the entire school year.

That punishes students, teachers, and parents alike.

Almost half of the school year has already happened and to jettison that away just to start over again next fall seems like folly to me. We could take this one step more and argue that all schools should reopen.

Democrats always claim they listen to the experts but the experts say that opening the schools is safe. Certainly, a lot of schools have reopened without any kind of surge at all.

People had some choice comments about Behar’s idea:

“Yes, it is far out to punish the schools and students who have safely reopened by arbitrarily making them repeat the year,” one person said.

“Regression is the progressive way,” another person mocked.

“Absolutely not. I’m a teacher and have busted my back teaching this year virtually and that is like telling all of us nothing we do right now matters, and it was all for nothing,” another person responded.

“My kids went back in August and not 1 case. Now we have kids out there committing suicide not to mention what their home life is like. Send them back to school. As the dems say…. Follow the science!!” another person said.

“Living is so fraught with anxiety and uncertainty. Why not just have everyone stop living? Is that such a far out idea?” another person mocked.

There are consequences to remote teaching. Studies have shown that students do much worse under those conditions.

The number of kids failing has doubled and tripled all across the country.

That’s inexcusable even if it is easily believable.

Nothing beats a hands-on approach to teaching.

There is no personal touch or teacher being able to spend a little more time with those who need it.

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Original Anna February 3, 2021
| |
Maybe I am missing something. Kids and their parents were given packets of school materials and books. And why aren't these kids doing their homework out of these materials as they normally would while in school. Also,how come our parents are so dumb they can't help their kids with their school work even on the computers. Almost every adult I know spends time on computers and should be able to pick up what the kids need to be able to do on the computers. Even if parents work there is still night time and weekends like always when the schools are open. Why aren't the kids learning remotely since the teachers are on remotely too to answer questions. These kids are learning basic school work at the elementary levels and parents if they went to school should certainly be able to help their kids. And the older kids also should be able to be helped by parents with remote teachers. High school kids should have already learned how to learn on their own and certainly are taught how to do everything on computers and should be able to handle that without the parents. Teachers should be able to answer a question at high school level. So why are kids failing, do we have uneducated parents coming out of our school systems and nobody noticed, teachers aren't on the computers remotely as they are supposed to be, kids are being made to do their homework as a job, what is the reason.If the teachers are getting a paycheck they should be on that remote computer learning with the kids from the teacher's homes all day just as if they were in school. So just what is going on that kids aren't learning. My parents taught me and my five siblings, helped with homework and made sure we did the home work, when polio shut down our schools for fall we had the teachers deliver our books and homework and our parents still made sure we did our homework. Coming in January we were ready to move on. So what is going on in this modern smarter world that kids are failing. No brains with the teachers, parents and kids, what?.
The Iceman February 3, 2021
| |
Public school teachers sre in a union where they aren't responsible for the product they put out. Biden needs people like them to vote for him as much as they need him to prevent school choice where if parents had it, they would be unemployed.
John February 2, 2021
| |
Mmmmm... I guess I am out of touch. What does AYFKM mean???