NYC Man Who Knocked 92-Yr-Old Woman To The Ground Identified and Arrested [VIDEO]


The incident happened shortly before 3:30 p.m. this past Friday on Third Avenue between 15th and 16th streets in the Gramercy Park neighborhood in Manhattan, New York.

Surveillance video shows a scumbag man push a 92-year-old woman as she is walking by with a cart.  The woman falls to the ground and hits her head on a fire hydrant.

It began with the old woman walking in one direction on a sidewalk with the assistance of a pushcart, while the scumbag walk walking past her in the opposite direction when he pushed her with enough force to knock her over.


The scumbag then turned his head around to see what he had done, but he kept walking away.

He appears to have struck either the unsuspecting woman’s face or the top of her head.  He may as well have played the knockout game.  Remember that, when you black punks would pick a random victim and roundhouse punch them in the head with all their might so as to knock them out?  And they thought that was fun.  I’m sure this scumbag thought it was fun to attack a 92-year-old woman.

Well, there is a God, because New York City police say they have arrested the man seen on video knocking the old lady to the ground.

Identified by local news as 31-year-old Rashid Brimmage, police took to social media on Tuesday to announce that the suspect has been taken into custody.

If the police had been dismantled, do you think this scumbag would have ever had to answer to attacking an innocent old lady?  Don’t kid yourself.

According to CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis, this poor old lady is now afraid to leave her house.

What possessed this creep to do such a thing, and to have such a callous attitude watching her fall and to keep walking?  What kind of psycho is he?

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Mark January 22, 2021
| |
That bastard should be hung.
Jesse January 19, 2021
| |
I hope they throw the book at this SLIME.
Babsan January 19, 2021
| |
The name says it all in regards to the Criminal
Jim January 18, 2021
| |
Give him to me, I will teach him a lesson! He won't forget!!!
1PatriotForever January 18, 2021
| |
Theres a reason why there are RACE riots and this puke is one of those reasons
OleDad January 18, 2021
| |
Is Vice President Elect CommaLA Harris urging Democrats to donate money to pay his bail to get him out quickly? Is Democrat DeBlasio releasing him under his new Zero Bail plan? After all, Communist BLM certainly demands the right to "protest" false police brutality by actually knocking out 92-year-old White ladies.