Opinion| Joe Biden has narrowed his VP pick to five women. Two of them could condemn Biden’s chances to be president because they are white. Their BLM pals will not accept anything but a Black woman on the ticket. That puts Elizabeth Warren and Gretchen Whitmer at a distinct disadvantage.

The five who are left are Warren, Whitmer, Karen Bass, Susan Rice and Kamala Harris. They all advantages and disadvantages and none of them appear to be a clear choice. Plus some of the advantages are outweighed by the disadvantages, in my view.

Former National Security Advisor Susan Rice: 

The left will try to paint her as a moderate. One of the advantages in picking Rice is that if you need to throw out a lie on the Sunday programs, she certainly has the experience. But, she comes with a major disadvantage. She and her husband has invested in many fossil fuel companies including the one that owns the Keystone Pipeline. The cancel culture would have a field day with her.

Oh, one more thing, she is knuckle deep on Obamagate.  This could cut both ways, the media will claim the scandal can not be investigated because some suspects are running for the highest office in the lands … which is completely antithetical to how things should be.

On the other hand, if Barr and his team do their job, she could be in deeeeeep crap.  Only time will tell, but, sadly,  so far the indication is nothing has or will happen.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA): 

Her biggest advantage is her fundraising. Harris is also seemingly willing to do … anything, and say anything to get what she wants.  When it comes to ride or die VP candidates who are ‘about that life,’ Harris fits that mold, to a T.

Despite her incredible fundraising, she did poorly in the primaries before she quit, she is just not likable.  SNL made fun of her as the drunk aunt who thinks she soooo cool, and they were spot on.   A vice presidential candidate must be bringing additional voters to the table. I don’t think she fills the bill but she is a woman of color, and, sadly, that will mollify some in the party.

Rep. Karen Bass (D-CA): 

Her advantage is that she’s Black and a woman (it’s sad how base politics has gotten, is it not?. However, her past praise for Castro could be the deciding factor in not choosing her. Her connection to the campaign could cost Biden Florida. I don’t think she fits the bill. Her radical past would come back to haunt her like a communist guerrilla warrior in the middle of the jungle.

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI):

She’s white and that will hurt her but even worse is that she is not loved by Michigan voters over her mishandling of the virus overreach. Michigan is must have for Biden. Picking her would be a major gamble. The upside is … she is not a man, so there’s that …

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA):

She’s white, not an Indian and despite what she wants you to believe , she claims to be a champion of the people but she has made a fortune bu representing big corporations against the little guys.  She moved on to raking in 400,000 a year to teach at University, now she complains about the cost of tuition. This earns her 10 hypocrisy points, out of a possible 10.

The smart money is on Susan Rice if you ask me.  Axios suggests that the race is really only between Harris and Rice. You would think we should know sooner, rather than later, right?  However, this is 2020, so who knows.

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