Lawrence David| OPINION| ICYMI 2/26/20| You probably won’t read or hear much about this because it doesn’t fit the media’s narrative intent on propping up flailing, rudderless Democrat’s 202 election chances.

Regardless, as Bernie says, the truth is the truth:

(WMKY) [Republican] Richard White has won the special election in Rowan County for the vacant 99th district Kentucky House Seat.

White will replace longtime Representative Rocky Adkins, who resigned his seat when appointed as Senior Advisor to Governor Andy Beshear.

With 100% of precincts reporting White won with 4,750 votes to Redwine’s 3,731.

That my friends is a Republican landslide in a deep blue district where Democrats outnumber Republicans by double digits.

This comes on the heels of NJ Democrat, Jeff Van Drew abandoning the party to become a Republican, and 8 Democrats/Independents in Mississippi flipping to Republican (with promises of more to come) yesterday.

The amazing thing is that, while they continue suffering heavy and embarrassing losses, party elders have refused to adjust.  The Democrat’s South Carolina debate took on all the markings of a clown show. The only thing missing were the cream pies.  

Autocrats gonna autocrat.

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