May 29, 2022

Kamala Releases BIZARRE Video Claiming Her Fam Has Celebrated Kwanzaa Since She Was A Kid

Kamala Harris is featured in a new video in which she talks about her family celebrating Kwanzaa since her childhood.

Call me crazy, but I have a hard time believing that this story is rooted in fact, but that’s just my feeling after watching the cringe worthy clip.  What do you think?

Pictured: Kamala Harris with her maternal family in Chennai. VIA

According to Wikipedia, Kamala’s father,  Donald Jasper Harris (born August 23, 1938) is a Jamaican-American economist and professor emeritus at Stanford University, known for applying post-Keynesian ideas to development economics.[1] He is the father of Kamala Harris, U.S. Senator from California; and Maya Harris, a lawyer and political commentator.’

Yahoo News reports:

Kamala Harris celebrates Kwanzaa over Zoom, reveals favorite principle

“It’s about not letting anyone write our future for us, but instead going out and writing it for ourselves,” Kamala Harris said.

In honor of the first day of Kwanzaa, Vice President-elect Kamala Harris shared a video to commemorate the holiday she attributed as one of her childhood memories.

In the video, she shared that her family plans on celebrating over Zoom due to the coronavirus pandemic as the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests limiting large gatherings and traveling during the holiday season.

“You know, my sister and I, we grew up celebrating Kwanzaa. Every year, our family and our extended family, we would gather around across multiple generations and we’d tell stories and light the candles,” Harris said.

Now, I do not know that these two are mutually exclusive, but apparently, according to Chad Lefix Greene’s verified Twitter account, ‘Hinduism Today lister her as a Hindu member of Congress in 2017:

I’m sorry, in all honestly I think it is a good thing, in principle, to see more women and minorities involved in governing the nation.  That being said, the litmus test should remain the same, regardless of plumbing or skin tone.  Reverence for the Constitution and America’s founding principles should be what is most important, not anything else.

Kamala, in my view, is the least authentic person ‘serving’ in the United States government. She was not able to even garner a few points of support during the primary and it is my opinion that the reason for this is that she comes off as a poorly manufactured faux persona.

Don’t believe me?  Just as Biggie and Tupac.

AKJohnIII December 30, 2020
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This hoe has lied as much as she laid. Kick her Lard Ass out of this Country.
John Kauffman December 29, 2020
| |
When she was a kid, I don't believe the blacks, in the United States had started and made a Kwanzaa holiday. So here is another attempt by her to say she is black instead of Jamacian and India/Hindu. She was listed as one of the first Hindu's to become a US Senator back around 2017 also. What they will do for a vote, even if their stories ring of falsehoods, Right ?
DonRS December 29, 2020
| |
Kwanzaa was INVENTED in 1966. Kamala Harris was born in 1964! Unless her family was a VERY EARLY ADOPTER of the celebration of Kwanzaa, is was UNLIKELY that she had even heard of Kwanzaa, much less celebrating it every year as a child! Just another of her typical pandering to blacks - a race of which she is only faintly associated!
joev December 29, 2020
| |
Wow, this Kamala Harris is such a nonsensical bloviating individual. Another self serving pompous individual in Congress... You can believe her if you wish. Her words mean zilch to me.... ?
William Morgenstein December 29, 2020
| |
and that lying 'B' is going to end up as our next President. Sorry but I don't accept either clown as MY president. (And that's something I thought that I would never say)
Gerald S Ladd December 29, 2020
| |
Once again, she's a proven liar, just like drooling Joe, and black boy bama.
Robert Higginbotham December 29, 2020
| |
One of Harris's strongest traits is her ability to lie while maintaining a straight face. Combine that with her lack of morals and ethics makes her a genuine democrat.